Frequently Asked Questions for Arranmore Lighting and Fans – Arranmore Lighting & Fans
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What size room are your fans ideal for?

The ideal room size for our fans is between 100 and 130 square feet. The exception being the Tamilyn fan which is larger and ideal for 180-200 square feet.

Can I operate the fan and lights without using the remote?

The remote is required to control the fan and light.  Some customers have connected the unit to a simple on off switch.  They can use the remote to set the fan speed and light level, then turn the fan on and off using the wall switch.  The fixture will operate at the last setting before turned off.  Note that there could be a few second delay once the switch is turned on, that is due to the remote powering up and turning the unit on.

Also, we offer an in-wall remote control as an accessory.  This is a remote control that can replace a simple on/off wall switch.  This device operates just like the handheld remote, but does not require batteries, and cannot be lost or misplaced.

How do you dim the lights?

Press and hold the green button on the remote control.  The lights will cycle through the various dimming stages.  When you have the desired light level, simply release the green button.  Then to operate the lights at that setting, simply press the green button, to turn the lights on and off.

How do I set the remote control to control more than one fan?

This fixture is equipped with a Dual In-line Package (DIP) switch in order to create unique signaling for the remote control should proximity create signal overlap across multiple fixtures. The DIP switches are in the remote battery housing and on the receiver under a rubber cover. The 4 slide-style switches allow for 16 unique combinations buy sliding the switches into various positions. Should you encounter signal overlap between multiple fixtures, slide the 4 switches to a matching combination unique to the remote control and receiver. It is imperative that the code used for both transmitter and receiver is exactly the same, otherwise remote controller will not work. This can also be used to synchronize multiple receivers/fixtures to be commanded by a single remote control.

How much air does the fan move?

The air flow that fans generate is measured by a third-party testing lab, and the air flow is measured in CFM’s or cubic feet of air moved per minute. At high speed: 1471 CFM, medium: 1194 CFM, Low: 1016 CFM. This allows you to compare air flow from one fan to another. These Fans are different than a standard ceiling fan because of the blade design and they have steep scoops designed to push air down into the room, compared to a typical ceiling fan which moves air in more of a general direction. These Fans are ideal for medium to small rooms. They are great in bedrooms, dens, family rooms, hallways and also covered porches.

My fan or lights came on without pressing a button on the remote

This is called false triggering, and is caused by a signal coming from another device.  It is critical when installing our fans, to program the remote control to a unique frequency. Instructions for this can be found in instruction manual that was included with the fan, the step is called "How to Wire Your Fan".

If you do not have the instruction manual, it can be located on our website under Help Center, and then Manuals.

Can the fans be used outdoors?

 These fans are rated for use in damp locations. This means it can operate outside under covered porches.  However, it cannot be subjected directly to water, including rain.

Why are the blades made of plastic?

The plastic material that is used on our fans is very sturdy and lightweight.  This allows helps to optimize the motor speed and therefore air movement.

Which models can be flush-mounted to the ceiling?

The Jaxon is our only model that can be flush mounted directly to the ceiling.  For low ceilings, the Jaxon model is an ideal fan. Note that the minimum safe distance between the fan blades and the floor is 7 feet.

Do you offer Trade pricing?

We do now have a Trade program, and qualified businesses may apply using the link at the top of our home page.

Why don't you pay for return shipping?

Our pricing model is intended to provide our customers the best value every day. Paying for return shipping would require us to raise prices for all customers, and that is not consistent with our policy.