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Natural Rattan and Drum Shade Ceiling Fan Design Trends

Natural Rattan and Drum Shade Ceiling Fan Design Trends

Natural Rattan and Drum Shade Ceiling Fan Design Trends

Drum shade ceiling fans are a trendy and convenient addition to interior spaces, but with so many styles available, it can be hard to choose one. This guide covers recent trends in drum shade ceiling fan design and why rattan has become a popular material option. Consider these trends to help you find the lighting and fan fixture that's right for you.

Introducing Drum Shade Ceiling Fans

The term "fandelier" has floated around the interior design community for quite some time now, but the trend doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. A fandelier combines the design features of lighting fixtures with the functionality of a ceiling fan. This creation is a stylish alternative to a normal ceiling fan, as the ceiling fan and blades are hidden by the chandelier part of the design. Instead of choosing between a gorgeous light fixture and comfort on those hot summer nights, you can now have both at the same time.

Fandeliers are not always incredibly ornate chandelier-type fixtures — some fandeliers imitate traditional light shades. This is the case with drum shade ceiling fans. A drum shade is one of the most common types of lampshades. It has a cylindrical design with straight edges, although it can also be curved and tapered. As a fandelier, the drum shade hides both a light and a ceiling fan.

Benefits of Drum Shade Ceiling Fans

A drum shade ceiling fan is the perfect addition to any space. They offer various benefits, including:

  • Ambient lighting: Thanks to their cylindrical shape, drum shades equally direct lighting both upwards and downwards, adding lots of light to the space. The shade portion diffuses the light horizontally to make it easier on the eyes and provides soft light to the rest of the room.
  • Versatile design: Drum shades come in various materials and designs, making them suitable for most interior design styles. You can also easily change and elevate their style in the future by updating the fabric.
  • Energy efficiency: A drum shade ceiling fan provides both lighting and air circulation in one fixture, saving energy usage compared to using a separate light and fan.

Drum Shade Ceiling Fan Design Trends

Part of the appeal of fandeliers is the abundance of ceiling fan and fixture designs available. Ultimately, choosing a drum shade ceiling fan is up to your desired style and preferences. However, it's helpful to know what's currently trending to get some inspiration and keep up with modern interior design. Below are a few current lighting and design trends you can apply when selecting a drum shade ceiling fan for your home.

Natural Materials

A key focus of current interior design trends is sustainability. While this typically involves choosing energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting options, it can also spread to material choice. This year, designers are opting for more recycled and natural elements in every aspect of design.

Because of this trend, you'll notice more drum shade ceiling fans incorporating natural materials such as wood, rattan and twine. These materials soften the look of light fixtures and add visual interest to the room.


Simple and plain drum shades are losing their place in interior design, making way for interesting textures and patterns. This trend is linked to the increased use of natural materials, as most natural elements are textured. In recent years, drum shades with interesting patterns, polished metal, gemstones and weaving are popular choices.

Bold Designs

Another trend with drum shade ceiling fans is bold designs. While you can opt for a simple and inconspicuous design, it's more modern and trendy to pick one that makes a statement. With interesting materials, bright colors and two-tiered drum shades, there are many ways to play with fixture form and design to make your drum shade ceiling fan the focal point of your room.

Mixing Old and New

Vintage design elements have slowly crept back into modern interior design, partly thanks to sustainability efforts. This is because upcycling and reusing existing pieces is better for the planet than purchasing new ones. Recently, designers have been combining old and new styles throughout their fixture choices and adding a touch of retro to interior spaces.

If you have an existing fan that's old and outdated, you can jump onto the vintage and drum shade ceiling fan trend with a DIY drum shade addition. Simply purchase or thrift a smaller drum shade and attach it to your fan over the light source. Now you have a drum shade ceiling fan that mixes vintage and modern design.

The Rise of Natural Rattan in Interior Design

While rattan has been a part of decoration and furniture for centuries, it's made a resurgence in recent years. Looking at current interior design ideas and trends, it's easy to see why rattan is such a popular choice for designers.

Made from a natural vine-like material, rattan:

  • Is a sustainable material choice as it grows fast and needs minimal resources to farm.
  • Provides texture and visual interest in design.
  • Adds a warm, natural touch to interior spaces.
  • Blends effortlessly with multiple decorating styles.

Natural Rattan Drum Shade Ceiling Fans

With rattan being such a versatile and sustainable material choice, it's a great alternative to fabric or other materials on drum shades.

Rattan drum shade ceiling fans feature a woven pattern that distributes light in beautiful patterns, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Rattan is a durable material, so it only requires routine dusting and an occasional rinse to stay looking fresh. As the years pass, the color of the rattan will deepen and add even more character to its look. So, if sustainability and natural design are important to you, a rattan shade ceiling fan will be the perfect choice.

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