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How to Choose the Best LED Ceiling Lights for Your Home

LED Ceiling Lights

With so much variety in LED ceiling lights, choosing fixtures for your home takes some thought. We have a few recommendations that can help you find the best LED ceiling lights for you.

What Are LED Lights?

LED stands for light emitting diode. While other types of light bulbs use heated filaments and gasses to produce light, an LED uses a tiny semiconductor chip. When electricity flows through the chip, it releases photons that we see as light.

Any light fixture that uses primarily LED bulbs can be considered an LED light. Because the bulbs are so small and versatile, they’re perfect for all kinds of creative lighting designs. 

Benefits of Choosing LED Ceiling Lights for Your Home

There are plenty of reasons why LEDs are a great choice for ceiling fixtures. Here are three of the biggest benefits.

They Use Less Energy Than Other Types of Lighting

Regardless of wattage, an LED bulb uses up to 75% less electricity than typical incandescent or CFL bulbs.¹ This can save you a significant amount on your bills, and it’s more environmentally friendly.

They’re Extremely Versatile

Depending on the bulb, you can change the light’s brightness and color with extreme precision. There are also smart LED bulbs that can connect to your devices via wifi.

Flush mount ceiling fan

They Last Longer

Different manufacturers and products boast different lifespans, but LED bulbs generally last much longer than their counterparts. They also don’t suddenly die the way other bulbs do; LEDs just slowly reduce in brightness. Even when an LED light is starting to go, it will still provide usable light for some time.

How to Choose the Right Light Color for LED Ceiling Lights

The color of the light in a room can completely change its look and feel. Before you decide, ask yourself the following:

  • What’s the purpose of the space? White lighting is good for general use living rooms, while a more yellow light creates a warmer, cozier feel for bedrooms and lounging areas.
  • How will it affect furniture and decor? Various light colors can make the color of everything in the room look different.
  • How do different colors make you feel? Your environment—lighting included—can have a big impact on your mood and mindset. Think about whether a color really feels right to you.

LED Ceiling Lights: Flush Mount and More

Modern LED ceiling lights come in a variety of designs and mounting options. When choosing yours, think about what you need and what kind of look you want to create. If you want to cool the room and improve air movement, for example, a ceiling fan with LED lights is a great combination.

If you have low ceilings or a small room, hanging lights can pose a hazard and make it feel crowded. Instead, you might choose a low-profile fixture like the Jaxon 22” Flush Mount Ceiling Fan. It takes up only 9 ⅝ inches of vertical space, and finishes like aged brass give it a classy, vintage look.