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From an Industrial Ceiling Fan to a Modern Murphy Bed: 7 Ways to Decorate a Small Space

From an Industrial Ceiling Fan to a Modern Murphy Bed: 7 Ways to Decorate a Small Space

From an Industrial Ceiling Fan to a Modern Murphy Bed: 7 Ways to Decorate a Small Space

Small spaces are some of the most difficult rooms to decorate. Whether the space is an office, bedroom, or sitting room, you can easily create suffocating energy if you overwhelm a small space with the wrong items. This article is intended to help people learn how to decorate a small room while maintaining positive energy and creating a space that anyone would love to spend time in, and it all starts with lighting: the best industrial ceiling fan.

1. Buy A Small Industrial Ceiling Fan for your Small Space

The right lighting can really open a room. While natural light should freely pour into your small space, you also need to have additional lighting in the room for added warmth, and, of course, to light the space in the evening hours. You should buy a small industrial ceiling fan with light from Arranmore Lighting to add to your small room for several reasons. First, the industrial style is in right now, and has been in style for many years showing no sign of crying out in popularity. The style is loved by men and women alike and can fit into virtually any room style. Arranmore Lighting offers a high-quality industrial ceiling fan in much smaller sizes for a reason: as a company, they wanted to overcome the “big ugly ceiling fan” that you can get at big box chain stores. You know the type: they are bulky, hideous, and if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. An industrial ceiling fan from Arranmore Lighting offers customers sophistication, great functional use, and high design quality all for under $300. By adding an industrial ceiling fan to your small room, you will set the stage for the room’s design while keeping the room light and airy.

2. Add Lots of Mirrors and Make Sure One Reflects Your Industrial Ceiling Fan

Adding mirrors to a small room creates the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. And when you angle a mirror to reflect your industrial ceiling fan onto another mirror, you further enhance the feature of the room in a manner that creates the feeling of a bigger space.

3. Use Fold Away and Multi-Use Furniture in Your Small Room Design

Fold away furniture and multi-use furniture is ideal for a small space because it saves free square footage. For example, if you are decorating a small bedroom, consider a Murphy bed that functions as a bookshelf or a vanity while it is folded in its upright position. This way you won’t need to worry about fitting a bed and a bookcase or vanity into the same room, and this will save you tremendous space.

4. Put Larger Furniture on the Perimeter of the Room

There’s no reason why you need to sell off larger furniture that has sentimental value just because you have small rooms. Instead, you can maintain a feeling of space and depth in the room by placing larger items like sofas, hutches, bookcases, and bars up against the wall. Sure, you may feel tempted to put your sofa towards the center of the room with a sideboard behind it, but this only creates two small awkward walkways in the room. By placing both items along the wall, you will have a wide-open common space that feels free flowing.

5. Use Light Textiles

The jaxon flush mount matte white ceiling fan

Heavy drapes and massive blankets create a feeling of claustrophobia when left out in plain view in a small space. If you have large blankets, consider a multi-purpose coffee table that is also a storage chest–you can keep your blankets in there when you are finished using them, and give your space some breathing room. Also, avoid heavy drapery. Instead, consider light, billowy chiffon drapes. They add a feeling of freshness to a room, and an airy lightness that’s perfect for small spaces.

6. Be Color Smart

When decorating a small space, use light colors, as dark colors make small rooms look even smaller. In fact, going back to the industrial ceiling fan, Arranmore Lighting offers matte white and soft pink ceiling fans for people who want to make the most out of their smaller rooms. Regarding wall color, the color of your furniture and textiles, mixing some light pastels with shades of white will make the room look and feel bigger. Consider our white ceiling fan in the industrial style that has a beautiful wood base as an added design feature; the perfect option for a small, light bedroom or home office.

 7. Display the Right Artwork

A room without art is like an empty soul, so you will want to display art in even your smallest room, you will just need to be more strategic than you would in decorating larger rooms. Consider artwork or photographs that display wide open spaces such as an ocean scene, or a vast landscape, and make sure the art itself is small in scale. You should also frame this art in thin, simple frames that aren’t too busy. Simply displaying images showing larger spaces will make the room feel bigger and avoid grouping multiple art pieces together.

Contact Arranmore Lighting for the Best Industrial Ceiling Fan for Small Rooms

Arranmore Lighting offers high-quality, boutique industrial ceiling fans with light in multiple designs, with several metal finishes and colors to choose from. Browse our site and order today; we believe everyone should be able to afford luxurious lighting, and every industrial ceiling fan in our collection is custom and priced under $300. Not sure what style will best suit your home? No problem: call us today and one of our experts will help you choose the best industrial ceiling fan for your species.

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