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3 Ways Interior Designers Use a Black Ceiling Fan with Light to Modernize a Home

3 Ways Interior Designers Use a Black Ceiling Fan with Light to Modernize a Home

3 Ways Interior Designers Use a Black Ceiling Fan with Light to Modernize a Home

The rate of interior home makeovers hasn't been higher than it is now since the late 50s / early 60s when the Scandinavian style known for its simplicity and minimalism had a major impact on European design and found its way to the American homes of middle and upper class homeowners. A 2021 Bio Bidet Home Upgrade study revealed that 45% of homeowners changed their interior design, and black matte and other black fixtures were predominant, with the black ceiling fan with light being having a major impact. Boutique lighting companies like Arranmore Lighting offers an industrial style black ceiling fan with lights to savvy homeowners who are seeking black lighting fixtures to modernize their space, with touches of the industrial aesthetic. This article will examine three popular ways interior designers use a black ceiling fan with light to freshen up rooms with a modern look.

1. A Black Ceiling Fan with Light Updates the Look of a Kitchen

For the past few years, white kitchens have become increasingly trendy. White subway tiles for the backsplash, and for feature walls in a kitchen, white cabinets, and white stone counters are all the craze, and this look is expected to stay in style for many years to come. According to HGTV, black hardware is the most popular option for white kitchens, and when you add a black ceiling fan with light to your white kitchen with black metal hardware on the cabinets, you are making the space look more modern while adding an aesthetic splash of soul with the industrial element in the ceiling fan. Industrial black ceiling fans are perfect for white kitchens, and interior designers have been buying the Santiago black matte ceiling fan from Arranmore Lighting to achieve this special look.

2. Black Ceiling Fans Add Style to the Home Office

The santiago matte black ceiling fan

One of the biggest challenges that interior designers face in decorating a home office is to give it that feel of separation form the rest of the home but adding subtle touches so that it still has traces of consistency from one room to the next. If none of your other rooms have black ceiling fans but may have black fixtures or black metal incorporated into rooms, whether it is a staircase railing, sculpture, or bar stool, a black ceiling fan with light in your office will enable the space to have some connection with the rest of the home. However, if you get an industrial black ceiling fan. The aesthetics will give the home office uniqueness and as a result will help you stay in the mindset that you are “at work” from the convenience of your home in an upscale office space. Black is elegant, and this energy will play well in a modern office design project.

3. Black Ceiling Fans are Ideal for a Teen’s Bedroom

Studies show that teenagers update the style and look of their bedroom more than any other persona and room type. This means you will need lighting that will match any style or color scheme, which is why interior designers love using black ceiling fans’ they complement any color, stand out on a white ceiling, and a teen can update the look of their room 50 times and a black ceiling fan in the industrial style will always fit in. Whether you are designing a sophisticated 17-year-old boy’s blue and gray room who is starting his senior year, or a 13 year old girl’s pink and white bedroom who is still in junior high, a black ceiling fan in the industrial style will fit in perfectly.

How to Identify the Best Black Ceiling Fan with Light

The best black ceiling fan with light will have the option to be flush to the ceiling, and it will be significantly smaller in size compared to those big bulky ceiling fans at the big home improvement chain stores. This is important because bulky ceiling fans can make rooms feel smaller because they dominate the space. Furthermore, ceiling fans all tend to look alike, so be sure to buy your black ceiling fan from a boutique lighting store that creates unique designs. Also, don’t pay more than $300–you should be able to find a high-quality black ceiling fan that is also a decorative feature piece offering superior functionality without breaking the bank. Finally, get a black ceiling fan with light in the industrial style, as it is extremely popular, fits well into multiple design styles, and will add lots of drama to your room–all main reasons why this option is so popular with interior designers.

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