Does Aged Bronze Ceiling Fans Go with Stainless Steel Kitchen?

For more than a decade, the stainless-steel kitchen has been regarded as the all-star design feature of the “heart of the home” for those who gravitate to the industrial style mixed in with clean lines. Stainless steel is hard-working, sleek, hygienic, and robust: four prime benefits that make it a popular option for kitchen remodels, and one that will remain popular for decades to come.

Today, we start to see industrial-lined minimalism take on a whole new renaissance of 90’s minimalism as utilitarian metal is revisited, and as a result, modern takes on this popular kitchen type are being embraced by savvy interior designers, home builders, and homeowners across the country.

One-way designers are giving unique interpretations of the stainless-steel kitchen is to incorporate touches of oil rubbed bronze to the space, as the contrast between the shiny steel and charred look of the oil rubbed bronze stands out and swoons in the spectator’s imagination. This article will examine how the best oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans, also known as charred iron ceiling fans, can enhance a stainless steel kitchen, and elevate the overall design of your family’s favorite gathering space.

H2 - So, Does Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fans Go with Stainless Steel Kitchen?

Yes, oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans make for an excellent addition to your stainless-steel kitchen. First, many people are inclined to invest in brushed nickel fans and fixtures because they match the stainless-steel aesthetic. However, matching isn't always ideal, as the close similarities in finishes can cause the fans to get lost and go unnoticed and leave the space looking flat. However, the beautiful, aged bronze or oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans truly pop against the stainless-steel look and add drama to the kitchen.

H2 - Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fans Create Unity in a Stainless-Steel Kitchen

Stainless steel stoves and ranges almost always have charred iron components, such as the stove burners and dials. When you incorporate oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans into a stainless kitchen that has charred iron features on the stove and on other appliances, you are able to automatically tie in the ceiling fan to the space. In addition, people will often display their ironware hanging from potholders, and the oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans closely resemble this metal thus creating further unity in the room.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fans Add a Needed Layer of Warmth

The Santiago Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan

Stainless steel kitchens are sometimes criticized for being “cold” in terms of the look and energy they provide. One way to soften the look of a space that’s heavy in stainless steel elements is to incorporate oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans. Oil rubbed bronze is a very warm metal and as the eye is drawn upward, the metal will immediately cast a warming glow throughout the space while completely changing the feel. You can add other elements to the kitchen to compliment the oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans, such as charred iron bar stools, or a decorative iron sculpture on the counter that resembles the oil rubbed finish of the ceiling fan.

Choosing the Right Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans come in several sizes, design styles, and they contain multiple features. That said, you may feel overwhelmed by the wide range of options available. Stainless steel kitchens have an industrial feel, so sticking to that same design aesthetic is ideal, and the difference in materials will still achieve that much needed juxtaposition to create drama and warmth. That said, invest in industrial oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans with light, and make sure the fan is smaller than traditional ceiling fan sizes, as you don’t want to overwhelm the space. Remember, the goal is to compliment the space and not drown it out. Look for boutique ceiling fan companies (avoid bland big box stores) that sell custom industrial oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans with light that are no bigger than nine and a half inches tall or 22 inches wide. Also, make sure the light incorporates Edison bulbs to stay as true as possible to the industrial style.

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