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How an Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan with Light can Anchor Your Bonus Room Design

How an Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan with Light can Anchor Your Bonus Room Design

If you just bought a home with a bonus room, then your mind is likely racing with ideas on how you plan to utilize the space. Then to further complicate things, you will need ideas on how to decorate the space and ensure it is both functional and beautiful.

Bonus rooms are common ground for interior designers. In fact, according to ‘Interior Design Magazine’, more than 80 percent of people who purchase new homes with a non-purpose living space will add the bonus room to their project list for their interior designer to tackle.

There is a trick that interior designers use when redefining a home’s style while creating uniformity from one room to another: they select a specific material or a finish and implement it across multiple rooms. One of the most popular elements used in interior design is aged bronze, and this article will review three popular uses for a bonus room while showcasing how an aged bronze ceiling fan with light can elevate the space, truly making it special.

Why is Aged Bronze Popular for Ceiling Fans and Other Lighting Options?

Aged bronze, also referred to as rustic, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, and charred iron. Aged bronze is popular because of its association with charm. According to the Scott Brothers on the HGTV show ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’, aged bronze will probably never go out of its style because of its association with being timeless, and because it can be used in the same degree that flat black fixtures can be used in modern and contemporary spaces, it appeases multiple aesthetic tastes and delivers charm across the board. That said whether you intend to give your bonus room an industrial, country chic, modern, contemporary, bohemian, or minimalist look, aged bronze will fit perfectly into any living space and create unity when used in a variety of ways across multiple rooms.

1. Adding an Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan with Light to a Home Office

According to, the number one purpose bonus rooms serve is a home office. Your home office should be a place that inspires productivity and creativity, but it should also beckon a soothing atmosphere. Studies show that rooms with elegant touches and original decorative elements help people feel more relaxed and calm, so naturally, adding these touches to a home office is ideal. This is where an aged bronze ceiling fan with light from a boutique lighting company can really be the star feature of the room. The Jaxon flush mount charred iron / aged brass ceiling fan with light is featured in a style that amalgamates classic industrialism with a modern touch. The aged bronze ceiling fan can be mounted flush to the ceiling, and because it is only 22’’ wide and under 10’’ in height, it won’t dominate the space with a heaviness that standard ceiling fans tend to do from those big box stores.

Aged bronze is engulfed by whispers of academia and industry, making it an ideal material for a home office. When you purchase your aged bronze ceiling fan with light, be sure to incorporate Edison bulbs to give the space an extra splash of style and consider peppering the space with other decorative items made from aged bronze, such as a waste basket, desk organizer, art frames, or a desk lamp.

An Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan with Light is Perfect for a Man Cave

The second most common use for a bonus room is a man cave, and an aged bronze ceiling fan with light is an ideal way to add a touch of masculinity to any space. Aged bronze instantly sweeps the imagination off to the medieval period where charred iron was a regular material seen throughout castles and weaponry. An aged bronze ceiling fan can be elegant and timeless, while also tugging at the masculine imagination. Whether he is smoking cigars in his man cave with his buddies, gaming with friends, or watching the game with his buddies, a low profile aged bronze ceiling fan with light is a great way to add cooling airflow and the right level of lighting while simultaneously incorporating style to the space.

Complete Your Guest Room with an Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan with Light

The jaxon flush mount aged bronze ceiling fan

Finally, the third most popular use for a bonus room is to convert it into a guest room. Just be aware that in most states, a room can’t be listed as a bedroom when you go to sell a home unless it has a closet and a window.

Guest rooms are challenging to design. You want the room to feel special and really give your visitors something to get excited over, but you also need to have it designed in a way that offers style and functionality to appease a wide range of people. An aged bronze ceiling fan with light featuring the industrial style will offer ample style and make your guests feel like they are privileged to be staying in a posh room. Also, aged bronze is popular with all types of people, so you really can’t go wrong.

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Arranmore Lighting believes that everyone has a right to have stylish, industrial aged bronze ceiling fans without breaking the bank. You can find boutique industrial ceiling fans, in the aged bronze or charred iron finish, that come in a variety of styles that will add oodles of charm to your bonus room. Not sure what aged bronze ceiling fan is right for you? Call Arranmore Lighting if you need expert advice, and we will set you up with an affordable, high-quality ceiling fan that’s unique, beautiful, and that will catch the eye of every house guest!

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