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Flush mount ceiling fan aged brass finish

Why Interior Designers Continue to Use Aged Brass Light Fixtures to Amplify Spaces

Why Interior Designers Continue to Use Aged Brass Light Fixtures to Amplify Spaces

Just talk to any interior designer and ask them what one of their biggest challenges is, and they will tell you looking for unique ways to highlight a room’s energy and ambiance in a manner that unifies all elements of the room’s design scheme. Interior design is a highly competitive field, and all it takes is for one room to fall flat and a client can go use their friend’s designer. That said, this article is intended to help interior designers new to the industry learn why they should buy aged brass light fixtures in the industrial style, in order to add style and sophistication to any living space.

What are Different Types of Aged Brass Light Fixtures that Should Be Used in Home Design?

There are several aged brass light fixtures that can be added inside and outside the home. Knowing which ones are primary for enhancing design, and which ones are complementary as anchor pieces, is important. When it comes to aged brass light fixtures, the ceiling fan will be the primary piece of those aged brass light fixtures. There are several reasons for this. First, most ceiling fans are bulky, ugly, mass-produced eyesores. So, when you can find an aged brass ceiling fan that has a high end, original look at an affordable price, you can really make a statement in your interior design strategy.Then, you can use other aged brass light fixtures to enhance the ceiling fan and spread unity throughout the home. These fixtures include:

  • Aged brass ceiling fan with light
  • Wall sconces
  • Chandeliers
  • Desk lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Pendants
  • Track lighting
  • Lanterns
  • Outdoor lighting

When you have aged brass light fixtures throughout the home, and in your outdoor living space, the aged brass ceiling fan with light will stand out as the primary piece, grounded by all the other aged brass light fixtures.

Aged Brass Light Fixtures Fit into Most Design Styles

Not only is aged brass a timeless metal finish, but it is also featured in a wide range of contemporary and modern interior design strategies. Whether your home reflects the industrial style, modern style, or shabby chic, aged brass light fixtures will fit in perfectly.

One trick that designers use when they implement aged brass light fixtures into a home is to match the color shade of the aged brass to gold shades that may be featured in textiles, furniture, drapes, rugs, or artwork. Then use complementary contrasting colors throughout the room. This trick helps to make the aged brass light fixtures pop out even more and showcase the inside of the home as being a truly unique living space.

jaxon 22 flush mount ceiling fan aged brass finish

Using an Industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan

Industrial style decor is extremely hot, it has been popular for over a decade and is set to remain popular for decades to come. Industrial light fixtures give interior designers an amazing opportunity to create uniqueness in their design plans, especially when mixed with contemporary or modern design elements. Companies like Arranmore Lighting, create industrial aged brass ceiling fans, in multiple design choices. Some stick to the traditional steampunk look, while others have a modern twist; you can browse the models and select the aged brass ceiling fans that will best work in your client’s home. The best part is that when you shop Arranmore Lighting, you can find aged brass ceiling fans for small rooms, as well as outdoor living spaces.

Aged Brass Light Fixtures Add Warmth

Another reason why the best interior designers are using aged brass light fixtures is that they add warmth to homes in which the owner wants to keep a cold, “sterile” aesthetic”. The great thing is that aged brass light fixtures fit extremely well into spaces like this, and the warmth they add is subtle, but highly effective. In addition, the contrast between the warm metal and the colder blacks and whites encourages elements of the room to pop out in the viewer’s gaze and perception of the room. That said, if you have a client who wants an all-white kitchen, a modern black bedroom, or perhaps they have dark hardwood floors throughout and their main color scheme is a dark blue, adding aged brass light fixtures will add a degree of brightness to the home, and give the house a new energetic level that stays from darkness, while still honoring the sable shades.

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Arranmore Lighting is proud to offer the best aged brass light fixtures by means of our industrial ceiling fans. Every aged brass ceiling fan is smaller than the traditional side, can be flush mounted, takes up little space, and provides great airflow making it just as functional as it is a design statement. Feel overwhelmed searching the various models? Give us a call, tell us about your project, and we will recommend the best industrial aged brass ceiling fans to really make the living space stand out.

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