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How a Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light can Enhance Room Makeovers

How a Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light can Enhance Room Makeovers

According to Statista, more than 70% of all American homeowners remodeled their interior rooms in 2019. Here we are in 2022, and with growing audiences for hit interior design TV shows, more people are naturally getting inspired to change the look and feel of their living spaces. Now consider that HGTV icon Drew Scott said that upgrading and updating lighting fixtures can have the biggest impact on an interior space. Finally, charred iron has become an extremely popular finish  to use in living spaces. By adding charred iron ceiling fans with light to multiple spaces, you can create a real statement in your home while enhancing the rest of your design elements. Now, your mission is to find the best charred iron ceiling fan with light from a boutique company that sets its products apart from “big box store” re-treads, and you want to find this luxury lighting at an affordable price.

Why Is Charred Iron So Popular for Interior Spaces?

Simply put, charred iron is extremely popular, and will be for decades to come. In a June article featured in ‘The New York Times’ on Milan Design Week, charred iron lighting was a feature point that was not only used to create drama in the space, but to highlight surrounding elements. Because so many prime events, hit design TV shows, and top interior designers in the country rely on a charred iron ceiling fan with light to create the right look and ambiance, the lighting material has become popular with innovative homeowners looking to breathe new life into their living room, bedrooms, office, kitchen, and outdoor living spaces.

What is the Best Style for Charred Iron Ceiling Fans with Light

When shopping for a charred iron ceiling fan with light, you will naturally run into several options. The contemporary style is something you can find from one big chain box store to another–these are mass produced and you can bet that a few people on your street have one. Then there are designs unlike anything in these stores; modern or industrial, for example. Modern design is great, but charred iron is not an ideal metal to use for something meant to be strictly modern. However, industrial design is ideal, and it also compliments virtually any design aesthetic. Ideally, finding a charred iron ceiling fan with light that is strictly industrial, or that blends modernism with the industrial look is ideal, and will create a great degree of drama in your room.

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A Charred Iron Ceiling Fan With Light Works Well in Light Spaces

If you have a room that is white, or very light, then adding a charred iron ceiling fan with light will add contrast while serving as a functional piece of decor. Arranmore Lighting offers the SantiagoⓇ, as well as many other modern industrial models. Here are some examples of rooms that our customers have updated (and upgraded) by adding a charred iron ceiling fan with light:

  • White Kitchen - The charred iron ceiling fan with light stands in beautiful contrast against white subway tile backsplashes, white cabinets with charred iron hardware to connect with the ceiling fan, and white countertops with smoky streaks that add movement to the piece, while connecting to the charred iron fan. Furthermore, a charred iron ceiling fan with light will compliment your iron cookware and further enhance the kitchen.
  • Small Bedrooms - Be sure to get a charred iron ceiling fan with light that’s flush to the ceiling to give the space a larger feel, and when the small bedroom is white, or features lighter shades of colors such as pastels, the metal material will pop and create tons of energy as well as a calming effect.
  • Living Room - If you have a nice, airy living room that gets lots of natural light, and your decor is on the lighter side, adding a charred iron ceiling fan with light can ground the room and unite every element composing it.

A Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light can Add a Touch of Masculinity

Often, couples will disagree on design elements in a room: she wants florals, billowing linen drapes, and pinks, and he wants stone, darker wood, and colors like navy blue or forest green. If a room’s design is heavily feminine, adding a charred iron ceiling fan with light can appease him by giving the room a masculine touch, and it will keep her happy by not overpowering the design, but instead, it will compliment it. Charred iron ceiling fans are popular with both men and women. But the material does add a masculine pop to a room for those looking for clever ways to add this flare to a room.

How Much Should I Pay for an Industrial Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light?

You want to get something unique from a boutique shop, but this doesn't mean you have to spend a huge sum of money. Arranmore Lighting’s mission is to give every homeowner affordable luxury, and therefore most of our industrial charred iron ceiling fans with Edison bulbs are priced under $300.

Order Your Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light Today and Save Big!

Not sure which model of charred iron fan will best compliment your room? Give us a call and let one of our experts help you choose the right charred iron ceiling fan with light to enhance your living space. We have several options, and when you give us a call, we will ask you questions about your room and present you with the best options, and the best price in the industry of boutique lighting.

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