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Did You Know an Industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights Fits Beautifully into Lighter Tone  Spaces?

Did You Know an Industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights Fits Beautifully into Lighter Tone Spaces?

Did You Know an Industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights Fits Beautifully into Lighter Tone Spaces?

We all know that an aged brass ceiling fan with light looks great in rooms with darker color schemes because the bright glow of brass makes the decorative lighting fixture / ceiling fan stand out. But did you know that boutique lighting companies such as Arranmore Lighting makes an industrial aged brass ceiling fan with light called the Jaxon that interior designers use in rooms with light and bright colors? This article is intended to help homeowners and interior designers learn how an industrial style aged brass ceiling fan can enhance the look of lighter rooms while adding a great flare of design without going over-doing it.

An Aged Brass Ceiling Fan Makes a Strong Impact in Simple, Airy Rooms

According to ‘The Property Brothers’ on HGTV, aged brass fixtures and decorative items can be ideal ways to accent simple rooms decorated with light colors. Simple spaces can be very hard to work with, as you don’t want to overwhelm the space. However, small flush mount brass ceiling fans, in the industrial style, can breathe a big impact in modern, clean spaces. If you try using cool metals, you run the risk of having them get lost in a traditional home’s palate of color and ornate details. A clean, sophisticated metal like aged brass will stand as the center of attention in your room, while breathing energetic life into other elements of the room such as bedding, throw pillows, and decorative pieces.

If you have a guest room overlooking the pool, and you have billowing white curtains that flutter in the breeze, an industrial aged ceiling fan with light would enhance the boutique feel of the room and make your guests feel like they are staying at a five-star resort.

Flush Mount Aged Brass Ceiling Fans Can Actually Make a Light Room Feel Bigger

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When we normally think of ceiling fans, we think of big, bulky things that overwhelm a room and make it feel smaller. However, having a room that is extremely light without any juxtaposed accents can also make a room feel much smaller than it really is. Arranmore Lighting thought about this problem when we designed the Jaxon flush mount industrial aged brass ceiling fan with light. When added to a bright, airy room, the stunning aged brass ceiling fan will add contrast, style, and make the room seem bigger. And the fact that it has the following small dimensions only makes this easier to achieve:

  • Overall Width: 22"
  • Overall Height: 9-5/8"
  • Canopy Width: 12-5/8"
  • Canopy Height: 1-7/8"
  • Product Weight: 10.68 lbs.
  • Blade Span: 12"

The Jaxon aged brass ceiling fan provides enough airflow to easily cool a small to midsize room while making the space seem significantly bigger. For the record, if you want to carry uniformity to other rooms, two of our ceiling fans will cool a larger space and But when it comes to making a smaller room painted in light colors, with lots of white accents and pale colors, an aged brass ceiling fan can add a major design pop, while providing lots of functionality and making the room look bigger–something that isn't always so easy to pull off. An aged brass ceiling fan can brighten up darker rooms, but as we have seen, they can also improve the look of lighter rooms by making them seem bigger and giving them more contrast.

Aged Brass and White Create a Classic Look (and a Modern One Too)

Have you ever visited the many museums of Europe and noticed an interesting color scheme commonly seen in multiple galleries? White walls, gold frames, and the only presence of color is in the artwork itself (most seating areas are white, black, or wood). This is a trick that museum directors and curators understand all too well: the stark white draws one’s gaze to the art, and the brass / gold tones in the frames help to define the entire space and the art. Did you know that if you have a small white room, and a colored sofa or a daybed with a colored duvet, an aged brass ceiling fan will work with all these elements in the same manner, and make the space truly special? And to top it off even more, the industrial decor will give the room a major upgrade in style. This is a classic trick, but aged brass has also become a staple of modern design, and therefore it is a look that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

Shop Arranmore Lighting for the Jaxon Aged Brass Ceiling Fan Today

Now is the time to change the look and feel of your small room with very little effort; an industrial aged brass ceiling fan that’s flush mount and small in height and width will not dominate the space but will add some contrast to make the space seem bigger, and it will add some much needed style to refresh the look and feel. Browse our aged brass ceiling fans models today, and even if you love the Jaxon, be sure to view our other models that come in an alluring aged brass finish.

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