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How to Choose an Aged Brass Ceiling Fan for Small Rooms

How to Choose an Aged Brass Ceiling Fan for Small Rooms

If you have been shopping for an industrial ceiling fan with light, and you have decided on selecting  the right ceiling fan in an aged brass finish, then you are already halfway through in making your purchasing decision. The next step is to determine the necessary specs, and choose a company that designs an aged brass ceiling fan for small spaces, at an affordable price. This article is intended to help people learn what some of the key selling points and features should be in selecting the right aged brass ceiling fan for complicated spaces that have a smaller blueprint.

Style Matters: Consider an Industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan

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When shopping for an aged brass ceiling fan, you will want to choose something boasting a style that’s (1) trendy, (2) will stay “in style” for a long time, (3) adds value to your home, and 94) blends in well with existing room decor. According to HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers’, the industrial style is hot, will remain hot for many years to come, and the style can easily fit into most existing interior design schemes. If you have a contemporary living space, an industrial aged brass ceiling fan will fit in nicely and add a significant impact to the room. If you have a farmhouse or shabby chic style room, industrial lights will blend in beautifully. Even boho, modern, and rustic spaces are ideal for industrial style ceiling fans. That said, because industrial decor blends well with other styles, you would be wise to consider this type of ceiling fan design.

Aged Brass Ceiling Fan Size

Most ceiling fans come in a standard 55” diameter, and that size is large making it difficult to find a good ceiling fan for smaller spaces like bedrooms or offices. Therefore, you are better off to buy an aged brass ceiling fan from a specialized boutique dealer as opposed to mass produced fans from big box stores. Arranmore Lighting offers stunning industrial aged brass ceiling fans with light that produce enough airflow, but that aren’t massive objects that dominate a room. For example, the Jaxon aged brass ceiling fan is an industrial beauty that has an overall width of 22’’, an overall height of 9 ⅝’’, and a canopy width of 12 ⅝’’. In addition, the fan can be installed with a down rod, or it can be flush mounted to the ceiling. This aged brass ceiling fan is ideal for small rooms, and for larger spaces you can incorporate two or three fans.

Does the Aged Brass Ceiling Fan You Choose Add Resale Value to the Home?

Believe it or not, but lighting fixtures (and other household fixtures) do add resale value to homes. In a 2021 episode of HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers Buying and Selling’, the hosts revealed that installing inexpensive trendy lighting can be that item that makes one home stand out from all the others on the street. Most neighborhoods have very similar homes with near-match floor plans, and by adding lighting fixtures that are stylish, unique, and trendy, you are giving the buyer the appearance that your home has that chic factor that’s missing in other properties. Since the industrial decor style is very popular amongst men and women, and aged brass is also very in-demand and popular with both sexes, industrial aged brass ceiling fans can add resale value to a home when added to a few rooms–they will boost that “wow factor”, and can very well add resale value to the property while making it more competitive with other listings.

The Cost of an industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan

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When choosing an industrial aged brass ceiling fan that can fit into small spaces, you want something unique and classy, but this doesn't mean you should be prepared to shell out thousands of dollars. Arranmore Lighting set off to give customers “affordable luxury”: high-end aged brass ceiling fans priced to fit into most people’s budgets. The Jaxon aged brass ceiling fan is priced well under $300, making it within reach of most people who want high quality products in their home, but who can’t spend a sizable chunk of change.

Look for an Aged Brass Ceiling Fan that has Special Features that Improves the User Experience

One of the biggest inconveniences of having ceiling fans is that not every member of the family can reach them. Therefore, you should shop for industrial aged brass ceiling fans that have remote controls allowing people of shorter stature, children, the elderly, or people with physical handicaps the ability to turn the ceiling fan on or off, control the lighting, or change the fan speed setting without having to get up from their seated position. This factor alone significantly improves the user experience and is one of several reasons why Arranmore Lighting is a top provider of boutique industrial aged brass ceiling fans for a wide range of household types.

Shop Arranmore lighting for a Posh Industrial Aged Ceiling Fan, Without Breaking the Bank

Now that you have a better idea of what type of aged brass ceiling fan you are looking for, be sure to explore the wide variety of industrial aged brass ceiling fan styles we offer. From the classic Jaxon to the slightly narrower Santiago model and the steampunk inspired Auri, there are multiple aged brass ceiling fans to choose from, each boasting the trendy industrial design style. Shop for yours today, and call if you need any assistance in choosing the best aged brass ceiling fan for your small living space.

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