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Charred Iron Ceiling Fans

Understanding Why Charred Iron Ceiling Fans are Such Hot Design Features

Understanding Why Charred Iron Ceiling Fans are Such Hot Design Features

There is just something about charred iron products that have such a big impact on interior design. According to a 2022 Forbes article written by Amanda Laren, there are several design trends that are on their way out in 2022. These include the monochromatic look, midcentury modernism mixed with boho chic, minimalism, 70’s wall hangings, and stainless steel. HGTV reinforced this same prediction in one of their hit TV shows. Fortunately, charred iron is not a feature of any of these design styles, and while it is extremely popular now, it is forecasted to remain popular for decades to come.

When it comes to adding this popular metal throughout your home, nothing can top the lure and appeal of industrial style charred iron ceiling fans with light in rooms that are in dire need of a design facelift.

Charred Iron Adds Value to Homes

One reason why charred iron ceiling fans, and other home goods made from charred iron are such hot design features is that this metal adds more resale value to a home. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors. Charred iron fixtures, fences, and design elements were present in homes that sold within a week of being listed in a cross-range of geographic markets. In fact, homes with charred iron fences that also had matching charred iron ceiling fans and other fixtures remained on the top of buyer minds because all the elements created uniformity throughout the home and its exterior property. Imagine an outdoor kitchen, patio and covered pool area with charred iron ceiling fans that compliment the railing in your home, kitchen fixtures, and your exterior gate: this is a popular trick that realtors and their design teams pull off to create more value and make homes more competitive, and as a result this lends very well to a hot design feature.

Charred Iron Ceiling Fans Add a Rustic Element

If you want to have a trendy contemporary home without going too heavy handed on a particular style, then keeping with a current design scheme while adding charred iron ceiling fans can create that perfect balance while introducing a small, but noticeable design element. Arranmore Lighting is a boutique industrial lighting design company that offers several stunning charred iron ceiling fans that can change the entire vibe of a room without adding any other decorative items. For example, a teen boy is going to be adamant when it comes to his bedroom decor, and he may not be open to much change. However, when you add a charred iron ceiling fan to a teen boy’s bedroom, you can add instant class to a room that would otherwise be regarded as a catch-all for random objects.

Charred Iron Ceiling Fans are Great Design Elements for Couples with Opposing Aesthetic Tastes

Here is an all too common scenario: he wants a super clean, contemporary space with elements of minimalism, and he feels that “less is more”. She wants warmth, character, and items that speak to multiple times and experiences. Industrial design fits perfectly into both aesthetic tastes, and when a charred iron ceiling fan in the industrial style is used in a contemporary, minimal space, the item gives off a timeless vibe without clashing or interfering with the clean, sterile look.

What are the Pros and Cons of Industrial Charred Iron Ceiling Fans?

Simply put, charred iron ceiling fans offer a rustic yet glamorous addition to a room that other antiquated finishes may struggle to create. Charred iron ceiling fans are also very robust and durable, and they can last for generations. Charred iron ceiling fans can also be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Charred iron is also very malleable meaning it can be forged or hammered in the event you ever move the ceiling fan and want to slightly alter its shape to fit a certain look. However, Arranmore Lighting charred iron ceiling fans are already flawlessly designed and we advise against customers attempting to alter the shape.

On the flip side charred iron can be expensive, and it also tends to be bulky and heavy. However, Arranmore Lighting charred iron ceiling fans are highly affordable at under $300, and they are a fraction of the weight of competitor products. Finally, if not carefully maintained, charred iron can rust. However, charred iron ceiling fans like the Jaxon have a protective coat, but you still want to make sure they don’t get wet and are regularly dusted.

What is the Difference Between Wrought Iron and Charred Iron Ceiling Fans?

Santiago charred iron ceiling fan

Both wrought iron and charred iron ceiling fans come from iron ore. Wrought iron has 2% more carbon which makes it easier to shape for decorative purposes. However, Arranmore Lighting charred iron fans are already perfectly designed in the industrial style and we have yet to hear from a customer that tried tampering with our already perfect and authentic design.

Cleaning both metals is easy. All you need to do is occasionally wipe the fans with a duster. In the event the kids get creative by tossing their spaghetti into the ceiling fan, a little water with some dish soap and cleaning the charred iron ceiling fan with total ease. Old toothbrushes can be used to clean into those tiger spaces. Then gently rinse with a wet rag after.

Shop Arranmore Lighting for Charred Iron Ceiling Fans Today

Charred iron ceiling fans are extremely popular in today’s interior design landscape, and they are forecasted to remain a hot item for years to come. The Jaxon charred iron ceiling fan is a top seller because it captures that historically accurate industrial look and has a featured wood base that hugs the ceiling and throws off an additional accent that makes any room pop. Looking for something slightly different than the Jaxon? We have several other charred iron ceiling fans in the industrial style, and each offers a unique profile to your space. Need help deciding? If you aren’t ready to order off our site, give us a call and a skilled design professional will help you select the right charred iron ceiling fans for your home.

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