Popular Interior Design Trends: Did You Know you can Buy an Industrial Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light and Be Under Budget?

We all want to have a beautiful home reflecting some of the popular design trends we see featured in interior design magazines and those hit shows on HGTV. The problem is that most specialty decorative items and furnishings are costly and fail to fit into most budgets.

Lighting is a critical element to any interior design scheme; the lights must be functional, and if a ceiling fan with light is the product you intend to install in your home, then it must provide the right amount of airflow, be perfectly sized to fit the space, and be aesthetically pleasing while fulfilling one’s design requirements.

Industrial decor really came into popularity about a decade ago, and it continues to dominate the world of interior design. The problem is that authentic pieces from salvage companies only fit into limitless budgets, and even high-quality reproductions from most boutique shops are outside of most people’s price range. The trick is to find an industrial ceiling fan that’s the right size, has the right finish, and one that won’t blow your budget. Interior designers and savvy homeowners are starting to discover the industrial charred iron ceiling fan with light from Arranmore Lighting known as the Jaxon low-profile, upscale ceiling fan that stands out as a masterpiece  in design, and that is extremely affordable with a sticker price of under $300.

When it Comes to Finishes, A Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light is Among the Very Best

There are several reasons why interior designers and homeowners invest in a charred iron ceiling fan with light for their rooms. First, charred iron is nostalgic, and it resides in the recesses of our imaginations. Charred iron has been around since medieval times, and it instantly makes one think of brute strength. Yet, when adding elements of charred iron to a room with lighter shades and a feminine design, it can help balance the “gender appeal” in the room, which is why it is a popular finish option for both men and women.

A charred iron ceiling fan with light can easily fit into any room. If you have a living room with wood beams on the ceiling, a charred iron light (especially a ceiling fan), in the industrial style, will make the room’s presence pop, as charred iron and wood look beautiful together, and the historic look of ceiling beams in all their rustic charm will pair nicely with the charred iron light.

A charred iron ceiling fan with light also pairs well with most contemporary kitchen designs. White subway tiles are still the most common backsplash material and option for feature walls used by kitchen designers today, and a small, flush-mount charred ceiling fan looks amazing in such a space. In addition, the charred iron components of a stove will play nicely with the ceiling fan, and if one displays their cast iron cookware, the charred iron light will also pair nicely with those decorative and functional pieces.

The Best Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light Will Have Attention to Detail


One reason why the Jaxon charred iron ceiling fan with light is a top seller is due to the fact it has a striking wood grain finished base. As previously mentioned, charred iron and wood pair beautifully to make a statement in any room, and Arranmore Lighting set out to design a charred ceiling fan with light, in the industrial style, with a decorative wood embellishment, that would delight interior designers and homeowners alike. After you buy the Jaxon charred iron ceiling fan, consider shopping for some decorative wood items to display throughout the space. A piece of driftwood or a wood sculpture in the same tone will help unite the charred iron fan with the room’s energy and style.

The Jaxon charred iron ceiling fan is also a top seller because the attention to detail in the design is quintessentially industrial; the classic cage, fan blade style, and Edison bulbs all lend to the iconic and much-loved industrial look that has swept the nation. But due to the Jaxon’s unique, smaller size, flush mount advantage, and high quality with an affordable price tag, this charred iron ceiling fan with light is the perfect addition to any space to enhance the room’s design.

Buy the Jaxon Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light, and Instantly Feel an Upgraded Change to Your Room’s Style

Whether you want to enhance the style in a bedroom, living room, or even amplify the design of your covered patio, the Jaxon charred iron ceiling fan with light is an iconic piece of functional industrial decor that will turn heads while adding elegance and style to your room with just the right level of air flow. Got a larger space? These charred iron ceiling fans look very striking in pairs, and we always recommend picking up two fans for those larger rooms!