Why Aged Brass Light Fixtures and an Aged Brass Flush Mount Ceiling Light Improves the Resale Value of Homes

If you are going to put your home up for sale, then you are likely working with a realtor who has access to local sales data and specs on homes, like yours, that sold for top dollar. As you already know, making some improvements to your home can help you get a return on your investment while making your home more memorable to the buyers who walk multiple properties in your neighborhood. Everything from tearing up your dated carpet and replacing it with hardwood, to installing new stone countertops and resurfacing kitchen cabinets can add a great degree of value. While these are important things to do, they are expensive. However, there are some things you can do that will add a great degree of charm, style, and sophistication to your home for a fraction of the cost. When you invest in aged brass light fixtures, such as an aged brass flush mount ceiling light that functions as a fan, you can create a high-end interior look without spending thousands of dollars. This article is intended to help homeowners looking to add more value to their home by enhancing its appeal learn all about the value an aged brass ceiling fan with light can offer.

Why are Aged Brass Light Fixtures So Popular?

Aged brass is a popular finish for light fixtures, such as ceiling fans with lights, because the finish fits perfectly into several interior design styles, and, if the design is right, it can blend the vintage feel with contemporary energy. In fact, HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott have featured aged brass lighting on multiple occasions on their interior design projects with the goal of adding resale value to a home and creating a space with a luxurious feeling that nods to today’s current design trends.

Aged brass light fixtures are ideal choices because they enable home buyers to better visualize the space with their own furnishings and design–a fact that makes them popular. Furthermore, one of the most popular types of aged brass light fixtures is an industrial style aged brass flush mount ceiling fan, as it offers the desired aesthetic look with oodles of functionality, as it provides lighting and helps to keep a room cool. When people walk into a living space with an aged brass flush mount ceiling light that also functions as an industrial style ceiling fan, the focus will be taken off the furnishing and paint colors that may not be their choice; instead, they will be impressed by the aged brass lighting and will appreciate the high-end look and will imagine how their furniture will look with this stunning feature overhead.

The Key is to Buy an Aged Brass Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fan that doesn't Take Up Tons of Space

Ceiling fan aged brass finish

It is rare these days to find a ceiling fan that isn’t a behemoth thing taking up lots of space and dominating a room. Finding a smaller ceiling fan that is stylish and unique can make the hunt even more challenging. Arranmore Lighting is a boutique family-owned custom lighting company that makes the best aged brass flush mount ceiling light fan models, in the industrial style, with several design choices. From the Santiago model with its classic vintage lines, to the Jaxon aged brass ceiling fan with a flush mount wood accent, to the Auri aged brass ceiling fan that blends the industrial style with modern curves, these options, and many more, give buyers a wide range of aged brass flush mount ceiling light models to choose from that will magnify the home’s style, and make it more desirable to eager home buyers who are searching for something very special.

Shop Arranmore Lighting for the Best Aged Brass Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fan to Light Up Your Home’s Style

Now is the time to invest less than $300 to help your home sell for top dollar; Arranmore Lighting offers the best aged brass flush mount ceiling light fan that will fit into any space’s dimension and help to improve the style and ambiance of any room in a way that will make your home stand out amongst all the others on the street. Order today and enjoy the big return to come.