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Charred iron ceiling fan

Did You Know that an Industrial Charred Iron Ceiling Fan is a Perfect Fit for Teen Boy Bedroom Decor?

Did You Know that an Industrial Charred Iron Ceiling Fan is a Perfect Fit for Teen Boy Bedroom Decor?

Most parents who set off on giving their teen son a stylish bedroom that will define a special place for him to entertain friends can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn't have to. There are a few tricks that interior designers use to create upscale teen boy bedrooms that become the envy of their friends, without it breaking the bank for mom and dad. But before these design tricks can be rolled out, the common eyesores that are often overlooked by parents need to be removed from the room and replaced with something more apropos to the room’s intended design, and that reflects the boy’s style. We are talking about ceiling fans. Yup, those big, ugly, mass-produced monsters that thousands of people buy from big box retail stores that offer no originality in design. Most ceiling fans engulf a bedroom and make it feel small. This is why it is critical to buy an industrial charred iron ceiling fan designed to fit a bedroom that boasts a unique aesthetic and offers a small footprint to enable the space to feel larger. This article is intended to help parents learn some decorating tips when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom for their teen son, and how a charred iron ceiling fan fits perfectly into each tip’s central point of focus.

A Charred Iron Ceiling Fan Fits Perfectly into a Cool, Urban Street Style Bedroom

One up-and-coming design trend that teen boys love (especially skaters) is the urban / street look. Typically, this style involves brick walls, usually two walls or a single feature wall. You can use gorgeous, reclaimed bricks from a salvage shop, or you can save a little money by purchasing bricks that have been cut down so that only the first half inch is used to cover each wall. There is also brick wallpaper, or artificial brick. Urban street style bedrooms also tend to have a graffiti wall, or a mural painted according to the style of Banksy, and these rooms usually have metal lockers, desks, and exposed HVAC and plumbing running on the ceiling. A charred iron ceiling fan is an ideal fit into a space such as this, as the rough metal nods to the exposed pipework and brick. It will also compliment the metal features in the room as seen in the desk and lockers, and the industrial design itself ties the entire room together. Just make sure the charred iron ceiling fan is smaller than a standard-sized model, so it won’t make the room feel claustrophobic.

Embrace a Theme, and Place the Charred Iron Ceiling Fan in the Center of it All

Another idea for taking a teen boy’s bedroom design to the next level is to incorporate a theme. If your son has a passionate hobby, or plays a particular sport, make this a part of the bedroom’s design, and you can rest assured knowing that a charred iron ceiling fan in the industrial style will likely fit into your design plans. For example, if your son is a film buff and aspires to make movies and collects old cameras, consider making a wall feature with old antique 8mm film reels and canisters. You can even pick up old projectors and studio lights to use in the bedroom, and a charred iron ceiling fan will fit in beautifully with all the other metal accents, while providing the necessary lighting and airflow required to make the room both comfortable and stylish.

Take the Popular Industrial Design Style, and Add Reflections of Your Son

The industrial design style is extremely popular, especially with men and boys of all ages. It nods to the industrial revolution when automation and machines became the driving force of productivity and innovation. It also reflects the steampunk movement and has that special flare that stands out, without being flamboyant. A charred iron ceiling fan will establish the industrial decor element of the room, and you can use gears and pipes with aged brass shelving to display his personal items all in a manner that ties in with the ceiling fan. The next step is to add those little elements that will stand out in the room that reflect your son. If he plays football, consider some turn of the century old leather football helmets turned into wall art. If he is a surfer, pick up an antique surfboard, have a welder frame it with charred iron, and turn it into a coffee table–a piece that will work perfectly with the industrial style charred iron ceiling fan. A charred iron ceiling fan offers functionality as well as being a focal point to a boy’s bedroom that he will love throughout his teen years and even into adulthood.

Charred iron flush mount ceiling fan

Charred Iron Ceiling Fans are Masculine and Begs Us to Use Our Imagination: Shop One Today!

A charred iron ceiling fan can be used to fit any teen boy’s bedroom and play off his active imagination while bumping up the class and elegance of the room. Arranmore Lighting offers a variety of industrial charred iron ceiling fans, in various styles, that could be the ideal feature piece to add in your teen son’s room. If you have a concept, or need some help, give us a call, and learn how our boutique industrial charred iron ceiling fans can set the theme of a teen boy’s room, at an affordable price, without sacrificing on quality or luxury.

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