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How a Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light Provides Optimal Functionality While Appeasing His and Her Tastes

How a Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light Provides Optimal Functionality While Appeasing His and Her Tastes

One of the most difficult challenges couples face when trying to update the interior design of their home is to get mutually desired functionality from decorative items that also meet the aesthetic tastes of both individuals. One of the best ways to add style and functionality to a space is by updating the ceiling fan. From a functionality standpoint a ceiling fan not only cools off a room while offering a cheaper alternative to air conditioning, but it also provides lighting and is a prime factor in defining the decor style and aesthetic message of a room. However, couples can have different ideas when it comes to how bright the bulbs should be, or what the speeds, dimensions and construction materials of the ceiling fan should be. This article is intended to help interior designers and homeowners learn how the best charred iron ceiling fan with light, designed by Arranmore Lighting, can be the perfect option to appease the needs and tastes of two people under one roof looking to enhance the style of their home’s interior.

Charred Iron Ceiling Fans have a Material Spawning Universal Attraction

Charred iron is a very fascinating material. For those who like that rustic, antiquated and industrial look, it fits right into their aesthetic values. At the same time, those who like modern living spaces, farmhouse chic, and contemporary decor are attracted to elements of charred iron to add to a room to give a layer of rawness while enabling the juxtaposition of the clean, modern lines to stand out against the charred iron touches. Now when you invest in a charred iron ceiling fan with light that’s made in the industrial style, you have a functional piece of design art that will fit into any type of living space, while appealing to a broad range of design styles and tastes. This means both people will be delighted with the look.

Find a Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light that’s the Right Dimension

The size of a charred iron ceiling fan with light is everything when it comes to its ability to serve the room with the right look and functionality. An industrial ceiling fan can update the look of your room, but if the fan is too big, it will overwhelm the space and create stressful energy. Simply put, the standard ceiling fan size that you tend to find at big box stores in your strip mall are way too big. Furthermore, their “style” is unoriginal and stands out as a carbon copy of the same bland fan that thousands of others have across the country. Usually, home builders will buy these fans, but they are no frills builder basic materials.

Today’s homeowners want to create more height to a room, and they execute design tricks to give their living space a larger sense of space. Make sure your charred iron ceiling fan with light measures no more than 21-⅝ for an overall width, a cage height of 9-¼’’, canopy height of 2-⅛’’, and a canopy width of 7-¼’’. You should also make sure the blade span doesn’t exceed 12’’, and if you get a charred iron ceiling fan with light that utilizes a downrod, then the overall height should be no greater than 16’’. This is the perfect size for a kitchen, office, or bedroom. If you want to implement charred iron ceiling fans into the living room, then consider one fan per 200 square feet. The look of multiple charred iron ceiling fans will give the space enough airflow and lighting, while really amping up the design element. This look is very stunning and quite the departure from having one or two massive, bulky ceiling fans sold at the local home improvement store.

What Kind of Bulbs Should a Charred Iron Fan with Lights Have?

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Without a doubt, if your charred iron ceiling fan with light reflects the industrial or rustic style, then you will want to get Edison bulbs. Make sure your Edison bulbs are a four-watt LED variety, as this option will give you the ideal amount of light while keeping true to the industrial design scheme. Finally, when you buy your charred iron ceiling fan, be sure to get replacement bulbs, as the last thing you need is for one to burn out down the road without any backup bulbs being readily available.

Call Arranmore Lighting to Learn About the Various Styles of Our Charred Iron Ceiling Fans

Arranmore Lighting offers a wide range of industrial ceiling fans, made from charred iron, that come in a wide range of styles. Whether you want to create an upscale industrial look with the Santiago charred iron ceiling fan boasting a classic cage taking you back to the factories of the early 1900s, or you are drawn to the Jaxon which has more open space between its materials giving an expansive look utilizing minimal space, we have the best charred iron ceiling fan with light to meet your needs, and your partners too! If you need help selecting the right fan, our experts are standing by. Please email us at

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