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5 Things to Look for in Industrial Style Lighting to Update the Look of your Room

5 Things to Look for in Industrial Style Lighting to Update the Look of your Room

Refreshing the design of a room is a great way to breathe new life into a living space, while reflecting your style and creating a “newness” within your home. From creating feature walls with a new color of paint or an updated wallpaper, to replacing that cheap laminate flooring with some nice hardwood, there are many things you can do to improve your home’s style. But one of the biggest impacts you can add to a room for a fraction of the cost, is new lighting, and this article will help shoppers get a better understanding of what type of lights and style adds the greatest value.

Why is Industrial Style Lighting so Popular and the Best Option for Most Homes?

A truly amazing thing about industrial style lighting is that it can fit into most room designs. Whether you have a contemporary style, French farmhouse, country, shabby chic, and even a modern aesthetic in your home, industrial style lighting can fit into the room while enhancing its overall appeal.

The key is to find a high-quality company that sells the best industrial style lighting products, especially ceiling fans, as quality and design is everything, and finding well-made industrial ceiling fans with lights can be difficult, as these types of lights are harder to come by. Here are five things to look for when investing in industrial style lighting for your room design.

  1. The Best Industrial Style Lighting Offers High Quality at an Affordable Price

One thing buyers need to be on the lookout for are unnecessarily high prices; you can find well-made industrial style lighting at a good price that falls into most people’s budgets. Often, lighting companies will take a trending design, mass produce a product line, and jack up the cost to the buyer while projecting the false notion that high price tags equate to high quality.

The best industrial style lighting will be affordable and offer exceptional quality. Well-made industrial style lighting should never cost the buyer more than $350--a price point that’s well established in the industry as being affordable for most people, but that also justifies a cost to back up the quality of the lighting product.

  1. Ceiling Fans are Critical Pieces for Industrial Style Lighting

For those who like traditional or standard industrial style lighting, retro desk lamps or reclaimed floor lamps and table lamps from factories sold at exceptionally high prices suffices, but ultimately there is nothing unique about these examples of industrial style lighting. In order to make a statement with industrial style lighting one must invest in pieces that stray from the expected. Ceiling fans are ideal lighting components to make the right statement, while adding a great degree of class and style to one’s living space. However, the perfect industrial style lighting ceiling fan can be difficult to find. Big box stores have a few of them, but they are mass produced to the point they lack any originality, and they are massive in size reflecting the standard dimensions for a traditional ceiling fan. Not only do you need to find an industrial ceiling fan with lighting that’s well-made and true to the style, but it has to be proportioned and sized to create a strong impact in a room without overwhelming the space. Industrial style lighting companies like Arranmore Lighting saw this need in the realm of interior design and lighting fixtures, and created a variety of ceiling fans with lights, in the industrial style, that measure 21-⅝’’ (and others with slightly different measurements but that still stay within this sizing realm) so that any space can be enhanced with an industrial ceiling fan. As for larger sized rooms, multiple industrial ceiling fans can be used, spaced apart, to create a stunning look that has practical functionality.

  1. Make Sure Industrial Ceiling Fans Accommodate Edison Bulbs
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Using standard light bulbs in industrial style lighting is as blasphemous as putting a bumper sticker on a Porsche. Make sure that whether you buy desk lamps or industrial ceiling fans that the design accommodates Edison bulbs, which tend to be longer than the standard light bulbs. If you use standard halogens in industrial style lighting, the look will be all wrong and the off-balancing nature will reflect poorly in the room.

  1. For Multiple Rooms, Consider Industrial Style lighting products in a Variety of Finishes

If you are refreshing the entire interior of your home and not just a single room, and you want industrial decor to be prominently reflected throughout the home, then look for a company that sells various models of industrial lights, and seek out multiple options in finishes. Arranmore Lighting offers a wide variety of industrial ceiling fans with lights that come in a number of finishes to ensure uniformity with a difference throughout every room. This way, buyers can, for example, buy the Santiago industrial ceiling fan for the kitchen in a charred iron finish that nods to the charred iron elements of the stove, place two Santiago ceiling fans in aged brass or brushed nickel in the living room, and place a soft pink model of the ceiling fan in a teen girl’s room. But you don’t even have to buy the same model in multiple finishes; the best industrial style lighting can come in a selection of multiple models that reflect the industrial style. 

  1. Buy Industrial Style Lighting from a Trusted Company that Puts the Customer First

It may not seem to be an important thing to look for when shopping for industrial style lighting, but buying from a company that’s customer-focused is critical for a number of reasons. For example, if an interior designer accidentally orders the wrong finishing, or the warehouse makes an error and ships the wrong product, regardless of the cause the company needs to focus on a resolution and that’s to make sure the customer gets the right product, as soon as possible. The company should also have a strategy that enables them to pass savings on to the customer, so when ordering industrial style lighting, be sure to ask the company how they are able to pass savings down to every customer.