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Ceiling fan aged brass finish

How Adding an Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan to these 4 Rooms can Easily Enhance the Current Design

How Adding an Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan to these 4 Rooms can Easily Enhance the Current Design

Whether you are a professional interior designer, or just a creative homeowner with an eye for design, we find ourselves at a time where changing up the look and feel of a room happens way more frequently than it used to. According to a Quora report, today’s homeowners change the design style of their rooms once every three years, which is a dramatic increase from the 80s in which people changed the design style once every seven years. Popularized by cable network TV shows, interior design is a hot topic, and many homeowners are eager to keep up with the trends.

So How does an Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan Fit into Interior Design Refreshes?

First, a ceiling fan is functional and adds a great degree of style to a room. The problem is most ceiling fans are mass produced by big box stores and reflect dull, overused design elements. As for brass being the desired finishing, brass works in any room aesthetic and, if paired with the right accessories, can enhance any room’s style. Whether you opt for brass with an antique finish, polished, shiny brass, or matte brass, this metal can add lots of drama to a room, no matter what the room’s style is.

Now let’s focus on the industrial ceiling fan style. When buying industrial brass ceiling fans with lights, you are taking a common piece, but introducing something truly unique.  When we think of industrial design, we tend to think of old desk fans, standing studio lights from the 40s, or old lockers converted into bookcases. But when adding industrial brass ceiling fans to a room, you are drawing the eye up, and across the room, and the brass element garners a special level of sophistication.

1. An Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan Can Improve the Style of Your Kitchen

One of the hottest looks for kitchens right now is an all while look with brass hardware. In fact, many companies manufacturing stoves, ranges, and ovens are incorporating brass fixtures to stay current with design trends. If you have brass knobs on your cupboards, brass dials on the stove, and copper pots and pans, a low-profile brass ceiling fan with lights would be a perfect addition to the kitchen as it will enhance and complete the look without overwhelming the size.

2. Add an Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan to Your Den, Study, or Library

Nothing quite gives the feeling of old- world charm that brass and leather. You may have a space designated as your den / office, and it might have a library nook. You may also have a comfy leather reaching chair; one with distressed leather and brass rivets–a popular and desired look. By adding an industrial brass ceiling fan to this space, you not only create the opportunity for better airflow to garner better comfort as you work, or read for pleasure, and the industrial style and brass tone will finalize the look you are striving to complete in your special space. Now add some framed antique maps, brass light fixtures on the walls, a brass desk lamp, and other masculine accessories with brass accents, and you will have a room with that old world look that any Oxford don would be proud to sip a glass of scotch in.

Auri ceiling fan aged brass finish

3. A Brass Ceiling Fan or Two Will Add Pop and Curbside Appeal from Your Porch

Whether you have a screened-in porch, an open porch, or a patio, adding new low profile industrial brass ceiling fans to your outdoor living space will create function and turn heads. On hot summer days, these industrial ceiling fans will create just the right amount of breeze to keep you and your guests comfortable. Now imagine your home with brass address numbers, and a mailbox with brass accents: the brass industrial ceiling fans from your patio or porch space will complete that luxurious touch and amp up the class factor on your street.

4. Industrial Brass Ceiling Fans are Ideal for Teen Rooms

Today’s teens are developing adult tastes. Back in our day when we were teenagers, we would have likely had zero complaints with any random ceiling fan from a big box store. But today’s teens are different, as digital media has shaped the way kids relate to style, fashion, and self-expression. Every detail of a teen bedroom needs to make sense, and since an industrial brass ceiling fan can fit into a shabby chic room, French country room, contemporary room, modern room, or steampunk room, you can’t go wrong. Furthermore, rose gold is popular with many teen girls today, and a brass ceiling fan will complement this metal that may be used in other areas of the room beautifully. In fact, boutique ceiling fan companies like Arranmore Lighting even offers industrial pink ceiling fans for teen girl rooms that yearn to stand out. As for the boys, brass in any finish will always fit in, and work with a wide variety of decorative themes.

Call Arranmore Lighting for the Best Brass Ceiling Fans in the Industrial Style at an Affordable Price

Arranmore Lighting created high-quality brass ceiling fans in the industrial style with a primary goal: to make high-end lighting affordable for any budget. In addition to multiple other metals and finishes, the industrial brass ceiling fan is a top seller. People with larger spaces will add two or three, and for tiny spaces like bathrooms or guest rooms, a single low profile industrial ceiling fan fits perfectly. Call Arranmore Lighting today; tell us all about your space, its aesthetic design, and let our expert’s pair you with the best industrial brass ceiling fan to take the look of your room to the next level.

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