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Why the Industrial Pink Ceiling Fan is Going to be a Hot Design Trend in 2022

Why the Industrial Pink Ceiling Fan is Going to be a Hot Design Trend in 2022

Why the Industrial Pink Ceiling Fan is Going to be a Hot Design Trend in 2022

When it comes to interior design, the ceiling fan is one of the most critical pieces to correctly incorporate. Most people dread having to install ceiling fans, because so many of them, such as the ones available at big box stores, have the same, dull design, and they take up a ton of space. Simply put, they are ugly, but we all need good airflow in a room, and many need them to even fall asleep.

Ceiling fan with dimmable lights soft pink finish

The key is to find a low-profile ceiling fan with lights, and one that is aesthetically pleasing and that will fit into any room decor style. First, color can be a bold way to refresh the concept of a boring ceiling fan. And when this ceiling fan with lights reflects the industrial style, you are on your way to making a design statement. Pink has always been associated with femininity, and it still is. However, now more than ever before pink is featured on unisex objects and is a color that has started coming back in popularity. With that said, you may want to buy an industrial pink ceiling fan with lights from a boutique company rather than shop at boring big box stores, and make a powerful design statement in your home that will be well received in the new year, and for many years to come.

Industrial Ceiling Fans are In Style, and Will be for a Very Long Time

Color aside, the industrial style has been extremely popular over the last decade and will continue to be for many more years to come. It’s rustic charm and nod to an era that saw the emergence of the industrial revolution provides a level of elegance blended with nostalgia, and it is popular with men and women alike. All you need to do is look at sales data from mega online furnishing stores, and you will see that industrial lighting and other design elements reflecting this style have soared in popularity, and the number of purchases people are making supports this. Furthermore, popular interior design shows like those seen on HGTV almost always feature industrial design, and these power brands are mass producing industrial style home goods knowing full well they will be popular for a very long time.

Pink Industrial Ceiling Fans with Lights Will Remain Popular for Teen Girl Bedrooms

Today’s teen girl has aesthetic tastes that have evolved well beyond room themes and posters featuring the latest heartthrobs. Design and style are everything, and aside from fashion, teen girls express themselves through their bedroom’s decor. Pink, especially soft pink, and the industrial style are two opposites, yet when combined they make a beautiful yet complex statement. Therefore, they are ideal for teen girl bedrooms, and when buying pink industrial ceiling fans with lights, make sure they are low profile so not to consume the room but rather enhance its unique style.

Industrial Pink Ceiling Fans are Popular for Walk-In Closets and Dressing Rooms

One of the top requested things by homebuyers is a walk-in closet large enough to also serve as a dressing room. Spaces like this exemplify glamour, and having the right decorative yet functional elements, such as an industrial pink ceiling fan with lights, will elevate the room’s opulence and make the space truly special and unique. Stylish women love touches of industrial decor, and pink is a classic color no dressing room should be without. That said, a low-profile industrial ceiling fan with lights is the perfect fixture to add to any walk-in closet that functions as a changing room to give it an added layer of sophistication and glamour.

Industrial Pink Ceiling Fans with Lights are Perfect for 80s Style Entertainment Spaces

Combining 80s design with touches of design elements that are popular today is very trends and will continue to be for years to come. Pastels and powder blues and pinks scream 1985, and these colors are often used in entertainment spaces such as game rooms, in-house bars, movie rooms, and lounges. To truly make the decor of your entertainment space stand out, adding an industrial pin ceiling fan with lights will complement any neon lights you may have, along with 80s artwork, furnishings, and other colors synonymous with the 80s era. Industrial design can fit nearly any decor style, but when seeking to enhance your 80s era entertainment room, it fits perfectly while adding a level of excitement.

Arranmore Lighting Offers the Best Industrial Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights

Don’t even bother with those big box stores that mass produce poorly made mundane ceiling fans owned by thousands of people in the state. Arranmore Lighting is a boutique industrial ceiling fan company that prides itself on high-quality and affordability. We also like to be different from the competition, so we design specialty products like an industrial pink ceiling fan with lights, that takes Edison bulbs, and that will stand out beaming with sophistication while fitting into a wide array of spaces. Call today and learn about our various designs and options and let our interior design experts help pair you with the best pink ceiling fan for your room.

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