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Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights

4 Ways to Modernize Your Home Using a Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights

4 Ways to Modernize Your Home Using a Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights

Now more than ever households across the country are searching for creative, cost-effective ways to modernize the look and feel of their home, while doing something unique that will stand out. There are two main factors for this: with COVID forcing more people to stay at home, the desire to make home improvements and design upgrades are high and give people a creative outlet without the need for leaving their house. Also, the housing market has started to pick up, so real estate agents, stagers, and sellers are looking for ways to add design elements to a home to make it more saleable. Whether you want to stage your home to get the maximum asking price, or you have your forever home but want to give it some extra decorative and functional flare, buying a pink ceiling fan with lights can be a great way to make a statement, add functionality, and change the look and energy of a room.

1. A Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights is Ideal for Any “She Shed”

We all know that men love to create their “man cave” in the home–a place where they can find separation from the family and watch the game with their buddies. But how many of us have heard of the “she shed”- a space for women to find some alone time, and a space to share wine with some of their lady friends? The term “she shed” was coined in the 1992 publication of ‘Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus’. In this reference the man cave is presented as a palace for men to boast their own style and decor with masculine belongings, while the rest of the home was decorated to the woman’s tastes. But now, as homes are becoming more neutral among the sexes for design, the “she shed” has become a space for women to go crazy with various shades of pink, feminine textiles, and create the Zen-like space of their dreams. Most “she sheds” are converted garages, outbuildings, or storage sheds. But the ones that truly stand out are those that look as if they are part of a normal home’s luxurious interior.

Having a pink ceiling fan with lights in your “she shed” will provide functionality, as air flow is critical in smaller spaces, especially on hot sunny days. Look for a pink ceiling with lights that is low profile, flush to the ceiling, and that is smaller than the traditional diameter of a standard-size ceiling fan, as you don’t want to overwhelm the space.

2. Complete a Teen Girl Bedroom Design Using a Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights

Refreshing a teen girl bedroom design is one of the most challenging projects faced by interior designers. Today’s teen girl is sophisticated and looking for a room that bridges sophisticated “adult” aesthetics, with the creative playfulness of youth and that which is trending. A ceiling fan is something common to most rooms, so why not take something common, and give it a unique look that defines the space. When it comes to a pink ceiling fan with lights, an industrial ceiling fan is an ideal style for teen girls as it is extremely popular, fits well with most other design elements, and is a far cry from the dull, traditional ceiling fan designs we see at big box stores. Furthermore, by adding Edison Bulbs to a pink ceiling fan with lights, you will be creating a layer of nostalgia and a fun, retro vibe that can be further accentuated with other decorative items in a teen girl’s room, such as an old desk lamp painted to match the ceiling fan.

bedroom with nice decoration

3. A Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights can Be Perfect for People Who were 80s Kids

Another popular trend in interior design is one that’s captured the attention of people in their mid to late 40s–people who were teens in the 80s. Back in the 80s brands like Ocean Pacific, Swatch, Lacoste, and United Colors of Benetton made pink a fashionable and popular color for men, as it was no longer reserved for feminine tastes. We saw men owning things that had pink as a dominant color such as surfboards, neon decor, Trapper Keepers, parachute pants, watches, jumpers, ski outfits, and board shorts. Furthermore, the pink polo shirt became a popular fashion statement with men who had nothing to hide. Fast forward to our present era, and today’s 80’s teens are middle-aged adults, many of which create rec rooms, movie rooms, or game rooms that reflect the 80s. By adding a pink ceiling fan with lights into a space designed for fun and entertainment that nods to the 80s, you will be taking the design to that next level.

4. A Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights is Ideal for Updating an Office

Whether you want to give your office downtown a facelift, or to a redesign of your home office, adding a pink ceiling fan with lights is a great way to add energy into a room. Studies show that offices decorated in bright colors, and that have living plants, increase one’s energy and garner better focus, which in turn makes people more productive. Normally, the idea of a ceiling fan seems as dull as talking about the aesthetic value of a stapler or a trash bin. However, a stylish industrial pink ceiling fan with lights that take Edison bulbs will certainly ignite the energy in the room while serving a practical purpose.

Contact Arranmore Lighting for the Best Pink Ceiling Fan with Lights that Captures that Industrial Look

Arranmore Lighting understands the importance of affordability and high-end style. We offer a large selection of industrial ceiling fans in several colors and finishes, that are low profile and won’t overwhelm the space of a smaller room. The Jaxon, our pink ceiling fan with lights, is a best seller with men and women, as is our 22’’ Santiago pink ceiling fan in a soft finish. Need help choosing the best pink ceiling fan with lights for your room? Call today and let one of our design experts help you browse the collection and find the perfect pink ceiling fan to define that upscale, vibrant look you are trying to create.

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