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How a Pink Ceiling Fan with Light Completes a Teen Girl Bedroom Design

How a Pink Ceiling Fan with Light Completes a Teen Girl Bedroom Design

One of the most challenging room designs to execute is the ever tricky teen girl bedroom design. Today’s teenage girls are savvy when it comes to design and trends; they crave rooms that reflect their identity, but that also offers some uniqueness while being in line with what is fashionable and trendy. The best interior designers have a great trick when it comes to creating the ultimate teen girl bedroom design, and that’s to make one singular item a focal point, and have other design elements play off the main piece. A pink ceiling fan with light capabilities, perfect for a teen girl bedroom design is ideal, especially if it reflects industrial design, and this is why Arranmore Lighting offers this product, as it stands out as being very unique while staying true to a popular design aesthetic. 

Why an Industrial Pink Ceiling Fan is the Perfect Focal Point for a Teen Girl Bedroom Design

When you bridge something traditionally associated with masculinity with something traditionally feminine, you create a very unique item that commands attention in a  room. In this case, industrial decor is a masculine aesthetic and pink (especially soft pink) will always have feminine connotations, and this is why the Santiago soft pink ceiling fan with light features in the form of Edison bulbs is such a showstopper. 

How Interior Designers Incorporate Design Elements into a Teen Girl’s Bedroom with an Industrial Pink Ceiling Fan 

An industrial pink ceiling fan is a unique focal point to a teen girl’s room, but when you are able to add accents into the room to play off the pink ceiling light, it will have greater pop. Pink steampunk is popular amongst many teen girls, so interior designers will often incorporate other steampunk items such as old radios that have been modified with modern technology, and painted with light pink accents, antique clocks, and gear wheels--also given soft pink accents that compliment the ceiling fan. In addition, interior designers will incorporate industrial desk organization pieces like mesh pencil holders and industrial paper trays that have been painted soft pink. Finally, an antique desk lamp with an Edison bulb will directly compliment the pink ceiling fan with lights containing Edison bulbs, and truly complete the room’s look.

Pink Steampunk is Popular for a Teen Girl’s Room Design

Steampunk incorporates a subgenre of science fiction that incorporates “retro futuristic” technology and aesthetics that nod to the Victorian era amalgamated with the “Wild West”--a time when steam power reigned supreme. Steampunk room decor is widely popular and features signature components like Edison bulbs, metal, coils, gears, and other components relative to industrialization. Pink steampunk takes these attributes and slightly modernizes the design aesthetic while giving it a feminine flair--something trendy and popular with teens today. When it comes to pink steampunk lights, Arranmore offers the Santiago pink ceiling fan with Edison light bulbs and a design style that fits right into this exciting genre and design style.

Challenges in Finding the Right Pink Ceiling Fan with a Steampunk and Industrial Look

Set aside the color and style; ceiling fans in general tend to come in a standard size that’s not ideal for mid-size or small bedrooms, as it overwhelms the space with its massive size. Arranmore Lighting noticed this challenge and set out to provide multiple solutions by designing a pink ceiling fan in the industrial and steak punk style, that measures 21-5/8", an ideal size for a teen girl’s bedroom. In the event your teen has a large bedroom such as a converted loft or attic, installing two of these pink ceiling fans would complete the look while proportioning the space with a catchy design but pink ceiling fans that properly function within the space to give it the right cooling, air circulation and lighting.

When Adding Two Pink Ceiling Fans Makes Sense in a Space

If you are going to invest in the Santiago pink ceiling fan, it is important to make sure the ceiling fan with lights serves a practical purpose, in addition to completing a design. If the room is small, then one pink ceiling fan will provide enough cooling and air circulation. However, if the teen girl’s room is larger than a standard bedroom size, then it would be ideal to install two fans spaced apart to offer full airflow and cooling into the room. This solution is much better than having a single large fan, as two low profile ceiling fans won’t overwhelm the space, and they will further enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. 

Call Arranmore Lighting to Learn More About the Industrial Steampunk Santiago Pink Ceiling Fan for a Teen Girl Room Design

Arranmore Lighting prides itself on providing low profile ceiling fans to accommodate all room styles and personalities. We discovered a hole in the world of ceiling fans when it comes to a teen girl bedroom design, so we are proud to offer the Santiago pink ceiling fan, where industrial chic meets a feminine aesthetic for a sophisticated teen girl bedroom design. Call today to learn more about the Santiago and get our interior design tips on how to integrate this pink ceiling fan into a teen girl bedroom design in a way that’s highly polished and mature, while still being playful. 
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