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How Interior Designers use an Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan to Set the Tone of a Room’s Style

How Interior Designers use an Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan to Set the Tone of a Room’s Style

How Interior Designers use an Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan to Set the Tone of a Room’s Style

Your job as an interior designer is significantly more challenging than it would have been 20 years ago. With so many TV shows featuring home renovations and interior design upgrades, your buyers are more savvy, they are familiar with the trends, and many tend to want the things they see featured in these shows. As you know, HGTV works with sponsors to set the big trends, and for years rustic and industrial decor are at the height of popularity and will remain there for some years to come. In addition, glimmering aged brass and gold accents are highly popular right now, so having access to unique brass features for rooms is critical to your ability to create stunning living spaces for your clients.

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One of the biggest changes you can make to a room from the very start is to remove the big bulky ceiling fan from the 90s and replace it with one that will set the design style for your room. Some of the most accomplished interior designers select the best industrial brass ceiling fan for the room that will boast a rustic, yet modern style.

Ceiling Fans are One of the Leading Elements Noticed in a Room

Just ask any real estate agent about the first impression experience prospective buyers have when entering a home for the first time; they point out all the things they will need to change from the paint colors on the walls to the flooring or carpets. But one of the first things people notice in a room is the ceiling fan--that big, ugly, dated thing dangling over the room like a stormy cloud of bad taste that someone likely, and hastily, picked up from a big box store of mass- produced fans boasting a bland or tired style.

By installing an industrial brass ceiling fan into the room, you will already have made your first big step to changing the mood and look of your client’s living space.

Gold Accents are In, and the Best Brass Ceiling Fan Will Fulfil this Desired Look

Some of your clients may specifically ask for gold accents--a popular trend in interior design that’s been hot for a few years now. However, in many cases, you will have a situation where the man of the home may be opposed to gold, and the woman of the home craves the popular gold accents. In this scenario, the best brass ceiling fan will be one that has the gold finish, but also a dominant design that will resonate with the other homeowner. Industrial design has a way of taming gold in the eyes of those who aren’t necessarily fond of the tone, yet the gold remains as a standout flare appreciated by those seeking it.

Get a Good Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights

Whether a client enjoys elements of steampunk, or they just love industrial design and slight touches of that which is retro, picking up a good industrial brass ceiling fan with lights that accommodate Edison bulbs is ideal. Edison light bulbs, also known as antique light bulbs or vintage light bulbs, reflect the early tungsten-filament or carbon bulbs that aim to reproduce that classic appearance. When Edison bulbs are added to an industrial brass ceiling fan, it just enhances the design and makes the fan or ceiling light stand out and compliment other aspects of the room. Another great trick that the best interior designers pull out when decorating a client’s room in the industrial style is to use various types of lighting in the room. In addition to having the best industrial brass ceiling fan with lights, an antique desk lamp with an Edison bulb, and a rustic iron floor lamp with Edison bulbs will help unify the look and feel throughout the room, but it all starts and ends with your ceiling lighting.

What About a Brass Ceiling Fan for a Small Room?

Most ceiling fans are large and can easily dominate a room to the point that it creates a suffocating feeling. At big box stores many ceiling fans with lights considered to be small range from 29’’ to 39’’, and some are 42’’ t0 48’’. Many interior designers and their clients don’t find these dimensions to be satisfactory for the space, so be sure to look for a brass ceiling fan that’s got an overall width less than 22’’ and a blade span of 12’’. If the fan is going to have a down rod, look for one that’s roughly 16’’, and the height of the cage (the main design element) should be less than 10’’ in height.

A perfect example of such a brass ceiling fan with lights would be the Santiago™ model by Arranmore Lighting™ , which is also one of our best sellers amongst the interior design circles. In fact, many interior designers will buy two or three of the Santiago™ lighted ceiling fans for larger rooms, as it gives a nice look of uniformity and creates greater dimension in bigger rooms, while a single fan perfectly complements a smaller space.

What are the Best Rooms for an Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights?

Any room can take on a dramatic look with an Industrial brass ceiling fan. From a bedroom to the living room, and bathrooms to screened-in patios, a brass ceiling fan in the industrial style can add elegance and impact to any room. However, more of these are being used in kitchens. The trend right now is to have white kitchens with brass, gold or black hardware. The farmhouse sink, white shaker cabinets, white subway tiles, and white quartz counters create a single look that is in high demand. In fact, homes with these kitchens sell for greater value and they sell much faster. When you invest in a brass industrial ceiling fan with lights for a white kitchen, and the gold color of the ceiling fan matches the same color of your kitchen hardware, you will be creating a highly coveted look that your clients will love.

Arranmore Lighting™ Offers Great Deals on Industrial Brass Ceiling Fans with Lights, to Interior Designers

If you are decorating a home or a room and need some specialty lighting that won’t break your budget and that fits a luxurious, retro industrial look, call us today and ask about the Santiago™ brass ceiling fan. We have had nothing but sterling feedback from designers that used these fans, and we are confident the Santiago™ industrial brass ceiling fan will meet your needs and delight your customers.

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