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How a Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights and Certain Decorative Items Can Be Used to Give Your Office an Industrial Design Makeover

How a Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights and Certain Decorative Items Can Be Used to Give Your Office an Industrial Design Makeover

One of the most popular design styles is industrial. The emergence of this design aesthetic is directly linked to the industrialization and mechanization of production during Britain’s Industrial Revolution in the mid-18th century. While elements of industrial design can be seen in items ranging from the turn of the century to the 50s, it didn't really become a popular phenomenon until hit interior design TV shows on the HGTV network started featuring industrial decor and design in their projects shortly after the year 2000. Today, industrial design is extremely popular with both men and women, and the design style shows no sign of falling out of popularity.

One of the most popular spaces for doing a successful industrial makeover is the office. However, as offices are normally small compared to other rooms in the home or workplace, finding the right decorative items that also offer functionality, and that are small enough to comfortably fit the room, can be challenging.

Since offices are usually closed off and don’t get as much air flow as larger, more common rooms, having a ceiling fan in your office will be critical. However, most ceiling fans (at least the ones representing standard dimensions) are large, ugly, and make rooms look smaller since they overwhelm the space. This is why you should buy a brass ceiling fan with lights in the industrial style to create an incredible office design. The ceiling fan and the desk will be the first things people notice when entering your office, and this article is intended to help people discover ways they can give their office an industrial makeover, and it all starts with a brass ceiling fan with lights to create that nostalgia and energy that people are drawn to.

Why a Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights Over as Opposed to Other Metal Types?

A brass ceiling fan with lights is ideal for industrial spaces simply because brass was a predominant material used in products during the industrial revolution, and it gives more of an authentic look. Furthermore, brass has become a popular finish used in today’s interior decor. From kitchen cabinet hardware to repurposed wooden crates with brass handles, to coffee table bric a brac, to bathroom faucets, people love the contrast brass offers to a bright room that gets lots of light. When you add a brass ceiling fan with lights to your office space, the finish, whether aged or matte, will bring the space to life and create an energy that’s conducive to a thriving work environment.

Make Sure Your Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights Uses Edison Bulbs

Nothing says “industrial” like those iconic Edison bulbs. If you put modern or contemporary bulbs into an industrial brass ceiling fan, you might as well cover a luxury car in bumper stickers: it just doesn't create a great look.

Edison Bulbs in Your Industrial Brass Ceiling Fan Can Create Unity with the Desk in Your Design

You may have an industrial style desk in mind for your office redesign. This could be a metal desk with that amazing patina that can’t be faked, or it could be a wooden drafting table from the 1890s. Or you may have a contemporary desk that doesn't necessarily fit into any design aesthetic, but it can be customized and rehabbed to offer an industrial look. Either way, Edison bulbs can tie the room together with a focus on the ceiling fan and desk.

All you need is an industrial style brass ceiling fan with lights utilizing Edison bulbs, use an Edison bulb in an industrial desk lamp, and have an Edison bulb in an industrial style floor lamp. To truly complete the look, make sure you use brass lamps in the same finish as your brass ceiling fan. The warm glow produced by the Edison bulbs against the finish of the ceiling fan will complement the same effect from your office’s other lighting sources and help unify the design.

Decorate Your Office with Statement Pieces that Compliment Your Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights

The true sign of a skilled interior designer comes down to the little things that help to highlight the bigger statement pieces. When it comes to making your brass ceiling fan with lights the star of your industrial design, enhancing it with other items is ideal, and a trick that designers have been doing for decades. Here are some considerations:

Art - Choose artwork that nods to industrialization and complete the pieces with brass frames in the same finish as your ceiling fan with lights. The art could be blueprints of your home or workplace, patrons for motorcycle engines, or depict scenes from the Industrial Revolution such as an automated assembly line. Make sure the brass art frame you choose stays true to the industrial design (no embellishments that reflect other styles), and make sure the frame helps the art stand out, while enabling viewers to draw their eyes from the art, up to the ceiling fan.

Bric-a-brac - You can also decorate your office with interesting objects that have brass parts from the industrial era. For example, gear wheels, pulley systems, and lamps from the 1890s often have brass parts, which will tie in nicely with the office’s decorative theme while complimenting your industrial style brass ceiling fan.

Colors - Make sure the colors stay in line with industrial decor, and ensure they go well with the brass finish of your industrial ceiling fan. Metal tones, browns, deep reds, muddled basil greens, and smoky blue shades will work well in a room with an industrial design, and will look stunning with brass elements.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fan - Aged Brass Finish

Follow these tips, and your industrial brass ceiling fan with lights will stand out as the defining item in your office space.

Buy a Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights that is Smaller than Traditional Fans

The last thing you need is a ceiling fan in an office space that has the standard measurements, as it will be too big and overwhelm the space while giving it a suffocating energy. For example, Arranmore Lighting offers the Santiago ceiling fan designed to be flush with the ceiling, and that comes in a width of 21-⅝’’, a cage height of 9-¼’’, canopy width of 7-¼’’, and a canopy height of only 2-⅛’’. In fact, even with a down rod, the overall height is just 16’’ (down rod is optional). With dimensions like this, you have options that aren't available with big box store purchases. The size of an Arranmore industrial brass ceiling fan with lights is perfect for smaller spaces, but if you have a large office, you can install two or three Santiago brass ceiling fans, or other industrial design styles that come in an aged or matte brass finish. For decades, interior designers used industrial brass ceiling fans to define a space, and thanks to Arranmore Lighting, size is no longer an obstacle–one they always struggled with.

Call Arranmore Lighting Today for Help on Designing Your Industrial Office Space Using a Brass Ceiling Fan with Lights

Arranmore offers high-quality, luxury, and affordability. We don't believe in pretentious price tags because we feel that high-end design should be within reach of people with all budgets in their office redesign. Call us today, tell us about your office space, and let us recommend some of our brass ceiling fans as possible options that will be the focal point of your space.

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