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Ready to Lighten Up a Room? How an Aged Brass Ceiling Fan Can Brighten Dark Spaces

Ready to Lighten Up a Room? How an Aged Brass Ceiling Fan Can Brighten Dark Spaces

Ready to Lighten Up a Room? How an Aged Brass Ceiling Fan Can Brighten Dark Spaces

Dark spaces can be sexy, set an intimate tone, and provide a calming atmosphere. But sometimes a room’s purpose will change and the need to transform a space and lighten it up takes priority. It is easy enough to install lighter flooring, or re-painting a room in a bright color. Even painting the crown molding a shade of white can make a difference. However, no matter how light and bright your walls and flooring are, if a space lacks natural light from spacious windows, the room will still feel shut off from achieving true brightness.

In some cases, a homeowner is able to add windows to a wall. However, this is expensive and based on the age of your home, the materials and dimensions, and the city you live in, this may not be a feasible option. Regardless of the reason, buying the best aged brass ceiling fan from a boutique dealer can add an abundance of warmth to a living space, and it can even produce the energy and vibes that one gets from natural sunlight. The lights can also be dimmed, to allow for the mood to be changed in the room.

An Aged Brass Ceiling Fan Adds Warmth to a Room

If your room has poor lighting and lacks natural sunlight, then chances are it has a cold feeling to it. One way to add continuous warmth is by adding an aged brass ceiling fan to your living space. Aged brass has a beautiful finish with a rich brown tone with glimmering golden undertones creating a warm finish. When polished, that gold glimmer will intensify and reflect throughout the room giving a greater feeling of light in the room. When shopping for an aged brass ceiling fan, be sure to get one with lights; the light will reflect beautifully off the material and create a grand shimmering impact in the room. Arranmore Lighting offers a stylish aged  brass ceiling fan in the popular industrial style, and when adding Edison bulbs, the class and elegance goes to another level.

You Gotta Tap that Brass

An aged brass ceiling fan is also a great addition, allowing interior designers and homeowners to tap that brass; to implement many layers of brass into one’s decor, with the ceiling fan tying everything together. When you pick up an industrial style aged brass ceiling fan from Arranmore Lighting, consider adding some matching aged brass curtain rods, hardware for cupboards and desk drawers, and a few aged brass decorative sculptures, such as the ones that were popular in the 1950s. The industrial aged brass ceiling fan offers a nod to the turn of the century, while some mid-century modern decorative items, combined with more contemporary brass highlights in the room will work together to tell a narrative in brass, and the ceiling fan will be the pièce de resistance that ties the entire room and its elements together.

Why Not Embellish?

While most people prefer keeping an industrial style aged brass ceiling fan in its intended form as its designer imagined, some buyers will add embellishments to the piece to give it a desired look. Chandeliers with dangling prisms are very feminine and in style, but this is not a look associated with ceiling fans. In some cases, women seeking a feminine tone will dangle prism crystals from aged brass ceiling fans to add that fun, girlish layer. Also, when light is refracted through a prism, it creates a rainbow effect, and when that rainbow bounces off an aged brass finish, the look elevates the warmth in the room and brightens it to a whole new dimension.

The Scale of your Aged Brass Ceiling Fan Impacts the Sensation of Lightness

aged brass ceiling fan

When a large hulking presence engulfs a room, the air feels like it was just vacuumed out and we feel like we are suffocating. Most ceiling fans are bulky and leave a menacing presence in a room. Therefore, it is important to buy an aged brass ceiling fan that has a low profile, and that doesn't have an expansive width. Ideally, a smaller, low profile ceiling fan should be able to provide lighting and airflow for every 500 square feet in a room. That said, if you have a massive living room with an open concept kitchen that consumes 1500 square feet of space, and you don’t get much natural light from the window, adding three low profile aged brass ceiling fans spaced apart by every 500 square feet will provide a shimmering array of light, and a warming glow that will enhance what limited amount of natural light are able to enter the space.

Affordable Luxury can Be Yours: Call Arranmore Lighting for an Industrial Style Aged Brass Ceiling Fan that will Brighten and Warm Your Space

Arranmore lighting has several aged brass ceiling fans that fit the industrial design aesthetic. From the Santiago aged brass fan to the Jaxon and the highly original Auri aged brass ceiling fan, we provide several unique looks in aged brass that turn heads and that serve as the stunning focal point in any room. Shop online now or you may email us at for some assistance in choosing the best aged brass ceiling fan that will be the talk of your home the instant it gets installed.

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