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How to Pick the Right Size Fandelier for Your Room

How to Pick the Right Size Fandelier for Your Room

How to Pick the Right Size Fandelier for Your Room

Fandeliers combine two key interior fixtures — a ceiling fan and a chandelier. They are a great addition to any room, providing illumination while circulating cool air in summer and warm air during winter. Their gentle humming sound is also similar to white noise, helping people enjoy a better quality sleep. 

While the benefits of fandeliers are clear, it's not always evident which size is best for your space. Our fandelier-style ceiling fan buying guide will help you calculate the right size for your needs, enabling you to install and enjoy your new model for years to come. 

Fandelier Sizing for Different Rooms: Understanding the Basics

Choosing the right fandelier-style ceiling fan size for your room significantly impacts your comfort. An undersized fan may not move air around the space effectively. However, a fan that is too big for the room can make it feel crowded and contribute to higher electricity usage.

Another important consideration for optimal airflow is your ceiling height. Learn more about fandelier measurement best practices to make the right choice. 

Room Measurements 

The first step in choosing the right size fandelier-style ceiling fan is to measure the width and depth of your space. Then, you can apply this formula to select a fan with the appropriate dimensions: 

  • Record the width and depth of your room in feet.
  • Convert the total to inches.
  • Match this number with the diameter of your potential ceiling fan.

For example, if your room has a width of 10 feet and a depth of 12 feet, you will add these two figures and arrive at 22. Use this information to select a fan with a diameter of 22 inches. 

Fandelier Height

Another measurement to consider is the ceiling height. Your interior must allow a minimum of 7 feet from floor to ceiling for safe fan installation. However, it's best to position your ceiling fan slightly higher up for better airflow — aim for a height of 8 or 9 feet if possible. Once you've measured your room's height, choose the appropriate mounting method: 

  • Flush mount: This option is best for rooms with a height of approximately 7 feet, as the fandelier is installed flush against the ceiling. 
  • Downrod mount: Most fandelier kits include a downrod, allowing you to install the unit in rooms with higher ceilings. You can also purchase longer extension rods if the ceiling height surpasses 9 feet. 

Lighting Considerations

Since fandeliers fulfill the dual role of circulating air and illuminating interiors, consider the level of light required for your room size. When comparing product specs, note of the number of lumens — the metric used to measure the brightness of a bulb.

As a general rule of thumb, the more lumens, the brighter the light. To determine the lighting needs for your interior size, measure the interior's length and width in feet and multiply this number by 1.5.

Once you've calculated the number of lumens you need for ambient light, you can select a fandelier that meets these specs. While kitchens and foyers benefit from brighter light sources, bedrooms and living rooms are more comfortable with softer lighting. Review the different types of fandelier-style ceiling fans available, and select one with dimming capabilities to achieve your lighting preference. 

Enhance Your Room Size With Color 

From opulent gold to crisp white and stately black, fandeliers come in a variety of colors and finishes. When contemplating your color options, consider the size of your room. Neutral tones in small rooms often create the illusion of more space. However, if you're fitting a fandelier-style ceiling fan in a larger room, you might opt for a darker model and create an interior focal point.

While these interior design guidelines are helpful, you should ultimately choose a color that reflects your style and lifts your mood each time you enter the room. 

Arranmore Lighting and Fans® Top Picks for All Room Sizes 

If you're wondering which fandelier is best for your needs, consider this helpful guideline: 

  • Small rooms of up to 100 square feet: Choose a fixture with a diameter of approximately 20 inches — Dallin and Kaiti are great options. 
  • Medium-sized rooms of up to 120 square feet: A fandelier with a diameter of 22 inches is ideal for these spaces. Consider the AuriBlynnJaxon® or Maribel models.  
  • Large rooms of 190 square feet or more: For bigger spaces, opt for the grand Tamlyn fandelier with a diameter of 27.5 inches. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fandelier-Style Ceiling Fans 

Upgrades to your home — like installing a new fandelier — take time and money. Maximize the value of your investment by reviewing the answers to these common questions first. 

1. What Is the Difference Between a Ceiling Fan and a Fandelier? 

The most apparent difference is that ceiling fans have long blades, while fandeliers have short ones. Fandeliers also typically offer a stronger light source and come in a range of elegant designs. 

2. How Do I Choose a Fandelier?

There are numerous fandelier and ceiling fan designs and styles to choose from, so look for one that will complement your interior. You should also consider what features will make your space more comfortable, such as remote control and dimmable lights. 

3. How Do I Maximize Airflow in Large and Small Rooms? 

By installing your fandelier-style ceiling fan in the center of the room, you enable the air to circulate evenly. It's also important to take correct measurements of your room so you can pick the right size for your interior. 

4. Are Fandeliers Better Than Ceiling Fans? 

Traditional ceiling fans tend to prioritize air circulation over light. Meanwhile, fandeliers provide an optimal balance of fan and light. Both fixtures enhance your home since they circulate the air for a more comfortable interior. However, fandeliers are a firm favorite for their superior lighting capabilities and stylish design.

Additionally, they are more compact than ceiling fans. This makes them ideal for small rooms, such as bedrooms, nurseries, home offices and workout rooms.

Choose a Stylish Fandelier From Our Selection Today

Fandeliers help you optimize airflow in your home while providing ambient light and aesthetic appeal. Their compact but powerful design makes them ideal for small and large rooms alike. 

Arranmore offers an exquisite selection of fandeliers, allowing you to find the perfect fixture for your interior. Whether you need a small 20-inch model or a slightly larger one, we offer a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Visit our online store to view our catalog or contact our team for more information.

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