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Summer Ceiling Fan Trends: Stay Cool and Stylish

Summer Ceiling Fan Trends: Stay Cool and Stylish

Summer Ceiling Fan Trends: Stay Cool and Stylish

You might not often think about your ceiling fan, but unique ceiling fan models provide many opportunities to enhance your space, save on utilities and reduce your carbon footprint. This year is all about embracing contemporary designs, sustainability, technology and personalization. Ceiling fans are a functional element of your home, but there are many ways to use them to enhance your home experience, look and lifestyle. Check out these ceiling fan trends for the upcoming summer season to discover which models are right for your home and how you can bring new ideas to your space. 

Embracing Modern Designs

Modern designs are storming the industry, bringing innovative ideas and fresh looks. Gone are the days of choosing pieces only for function. Contemporary, statement-making fixtures can add sophistication and elegance to any room. Take a look at the type of ceiling fans and designs that appear in many settings:

Contemporary Ceiling Fan Designs

Contemporary style is all about embracing the sleek, minimalist mindset. These designs transform spaces and offer a fresh approach to clutter-free and harmonious spaces. Contemporary ceiling fans often feature clean lines, functional and unique designs, innovative materials, and neutral colors. Popular contemporary finishes include sophisticated colors such as matte black, brushed nickel and satin brass. 

A ceiling fan like Auri™ features these contemporary designs. The innovative blades and sleek, matte black color are captivating and functional. The simple elegance and gleaming curves are stunning in any room, creating a striking visual. The durable thermoplastic blades can function in a damp outdoor space, providing design flexibility.

The Dallin™ Ceiling Fan is another beautiful example of modern design. The brushed nickel finish adds a cooling breeze to any space. The fan features a unique rectangular design, which you can swivel to create the ideal look. These blades spin much faster and have a steeper pitch than traditional fans, giving this fan a functional edge over others on the market. 

Statement-Making Fixtures

Statement-Making Fixtures

Traditional ceiling fans focus on function, but modern pieces are a focal point in any room. Ceiling fans offer an excellent opportunity to make a statement with bold colors and unique shapes. Although ceiling fans are still essential for cooling spaces and saving energy costs, they can add more than functionality to your area. 

Unique ceiling fans for bedroom, living room, kitchen and porch spaces are grabbing attention and pulling together other design elements. Like the rest of your room, walls or furniture, your ceiling fans provide an excellent opportunity to get creative. Rather than sticking to neutral colors, consider bold ones that create visual impact. Whether you're matching your fan to your walls or pulling elements from statement pieces like pillows and curtains, you can find pieces to grab everyone's attention as soon as they step into the room. 

The Santiago® Ceiling Fan blends functionality and style. The soft pink color adds warmth and charm to any space while drawing attention. This fan features a retro look with a steel cage design, bringing an interesting appeal to any room. 

The Tamilyn™ Ellipse Shade Fan features soft geometry and clean lines to create a modern, unique fixture for any room. Sloped ceilings and medium-sized bathrooms, dens, offices and bedrooms can use this fan to add a cooling breeze and a sense of sophistication. 

Merging Technology and Convenience

One of the best elements of trending ceiling fans is the integration of smart technology. You can find models with incredible features like automation, voice control, remote control capabilities and mobile app compatibility. The convenience these fans offer empowers you to adjust the fan speed, lighting and direction without moving from your bed or seat. 

These features are beneficial for cold winter nights and hot summer days. Some fans can sense temperature, air quality or humidity changes. These models are able to adjust the fan settings accordingly to create the best environment for you and your family while ensuring you only use the energy you need. 

You can also schedule some of the best ceiling fans to turn on or off when you need. For example, you can schedule your fan to turn on when you're on your way home from work or shut off after you've left for the day, saving you time and money. 

Arranmore Lighting and Fans® relies on modern technology to create innovative fan designs that bring ease and convenience to any space. You can find models with remote control capabilities to cycle through ceiling fan speeds. Our models also feature faster ceiling fan turns so that you can enjoy cool air sooner. 

Energy Efficient and Sustainability 

One of the biggest home trends this year is sustainability. Sustainability and energy efficiency are important for many home appliances. Only using the energy you need will save you money over time and benefit the environment. You can cut back on energy usage in several ways and ensure you find models that support your goals. 

Energy Star Rated Ceiling Fans 

Energy Star Rated Ceiling Fans

Energy Star certification highlights an appliance's ability to protect the environment by lowering energy costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making spaces more efficient. Energy Star-rated fans have improved blade designs and motors and utilize the latest in efficient technology. These models meet strict United States Environmental Protection Agency criteria regarding performance, quality and efficiency.

Choosing one of these units can reduce your electricity bill and air conditioning costs. Additionally, the latest technology invites more design flexibility, empowering you to find stylish, statement-making pieces while enhancing your home experience. The reduced energy consumption and lack of harmful emissions make these fans safe to use for your family and the environment. 

LED Lighting Integration

Integrating LED lighting into your ceiling fan is another great option for reducing your carbon footprint. Homeowners are loving this growing trend because they're noticing lower utility bills, longer-lasting bulbs, contemporary designs, multiple degrees of color temperatures and very efficient lighting. 

LED lights can last 25 to 35 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They also have a smaller size and enhanced reliability and durability. Furthermore, LED lights produce less energy waste and don't generate heat like other bulbs. This means you can enjoy fewer bulb changes and more efficient lighting for longer periods while avoiding using your air conditioner more often. These bulbs can also withstand extreme temperatures, making for high-quality outdoor ceiling fan options. 

LED ceiling fans also feature additional benefits such as dimmable and color-changing options. This Kaiti™ Drum Shade Ceiling Fan with Dimmable Lights highlights the convenience and versatility of LED lights. The LED bulbs are long-lasting, and the unit has a remote control to dictate whether you want bright, shining light or a dim, relaxing mood. This unit prevents light strobing by having the bulbs positioned beyond the blades. This model comes in matte black, brushed nickel and aged brass so that you can find the best fit for your space. 

Sustainable Materials

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to make a sustainable switch to cleaner energy. However, there are a number of other steps you can take to ensure you're making the most eco-friendly choice. For instance, you could opt for models with a reversible motor so you can rely on your fan throughout the year without needing to turn on the heat or the air conditioner. You could also look for models with reclaimed wood blades or bamboo pieces. 

Eco-friendly materials are cost-effective and sustainable and allow you to embrace modern trends while protecting the environment. Here are several materials you can look for to protect the environment and enhance your home:

  • Bamboo: Bamboo products are highly sustainable. Bamboo grows quickly, making it an excellent renewable resource. This material is also long-lasting and durable, making it an excellent choice for appliances and home fixtures. Additionally, bamboo product construction creates little waste compared to other products, and each part of bamboo can be suitable for other applications. 
  • Reclaimed wood: This material prevents resources from ending up in landfills and reduces the impact of deforestation. Using reclaimed wood requires lower emissions than logging, processing and transporting new wood, empowering homeowners to get the same beautiful, natural look at a fraction of the environmental impact. 
  • Recycled materials: Reusing and recycling materials is one of the best ways to protect the earth. Aluminum, glass, cardboard, paper and plastic are recyclable materials. Seeking recycled products helps minimize the materials going to landfills and keeps our water and air healthier and cleaner. 

Customization and Personalization

One of the best parts about shopping for new furniture and appliances is finding those pieces that perfectly blend your style and taste. Your ceiling fan is an extension of your home and lifestyle, and the design you choose should be one that reflects your unique needs. This year, homeowners are embracing customization and personalization for their fixtures. Take a look at how you can customize your home experience and where to find the best ceiling fans for your home. 

Blade Options and Reversibility 

Everything from the number of blades to the size, shape and materials of your fan should highlight your taste. Customization trends have led the market to find unique ways to incorporate innovative designs to empower people to add a personal touch to every fixture. 

Each home and room has different needs. Although one fan might create the perfect breeze in your living room, it may be too intense for your bedroom or kitchen. The size, shape, materials and downrod length play a critical role in enhancing your experience, so it's essential to find the one that meets your needs. 

For example, opting for a 72-inch downrod length is suitable for ceilings with a height of 15 feet or higher, but ceilings with a height of 9 feet would better benefit from a 12-inch downrod length. Additionally, longer blades are more suitable for larger rooms, while shorter blades create more direct airflow for smaller spaces. Blade shape can also impact your area as a greater blade surface will move more considerable amounts of air. 

Reversible blades allow for seasonal adaptability. When your fan runs counterclockwise, it pushes the air down so you can feel a cool, calming breeze. However, when you switch the blades to run clockwise, you can draw the cold air up. This action forces the warm air to soothe your family during the cooler months of the year. 

Also, consider the blade pitch when choosing a model. This measurement refers to where the blades are set. If the fan has a larger degree of pitch, the fan will be able to push more air. Alternatively, fans with a more minimal blade pitch will cut through the air rather than push it. 

Adjustable Speed and Light Settings

Adjustable Speed and Light Settings

Another element of customization involves curating your experience as you need. This means you can control the fan speed to suit your cooling needs as they change throughout the day or year. Additionally, you may want multiple light settings to adjust the room's tone as the day progresses. 

Along with creating a more desirable setting, this control also empowers people to save on energy costs as they can prevent overusing energy when they don't need it. For example, you can use less energy by lowering your fan speed when you're comfortable rather than switching the fan on and off multiple times throughout the day or adjusting the temperature on your thermostat to account for significant temperature changes. You can also save costs by utilizing dimming light options to prevent turning on multiple light sources to illuminate the space you need. 

An excellent fan with customizable features is the Blynn™ Ceiling Fan. This model features dimmable lights, which you can utilize with the remote control. This ceiling fan is ideal for sloped ceilings with up to 30 degrees of slope and features blades with a steep pitch. 

The Jaxon® Flush Mount Ceiling Fan also features customizable options. You can control the lights, including dimming them, with the remote control to create the perfect mood. This flush mount model is excellent for small spaces, such as kitchens, because it can complement kitchenware and appliances. 

Accessories and Add-Ons

You can also find accessories and add-ons to enhance the functionality and style of your ceiling fan. Wall switches, remote controls and downrod extensions offer the flexibility you want for ease and beauty. The days of getting up to turn the fan off are gone. Now, you can transform your space as soon as you enter it.

At Annamore Lighting, you can find many ceiling models featuring remote controls and wall switches for simplicity and convenience. We offer handheld controls so you can control three different fan speeds or dim your lights at will. Our in-wall remote control mounts to standard junction boxes. You can connect these devices to your house power and use them in conjunction with the handheld control or on their own. 

We also offer ceiling fan extension downrods so you can create the perfect space. With a range of colors and sizes, you can ensure your room is a reflection of your tastes and lifestyle while meeting your cooling needs. 

Explore Ceiling Fan Trends With Arranmore Lighting and Fans®

Explore Ceiling Fan Trends With Arranmore Lighting and Fans®

Arranmore Lighting and Fans® is a family-operated and owned business. With more than 20 years of experience, we know all about the trends in the lighting and ceiling fan industry. We're committed to bringing people "fresh design at a value," which is why we design products with unique and innovative designs. We provide an affordable way to find beautiful fixtures with superior performance. Browse our fan selection to find the best fan for your home. 

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